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How your model can get in contact with the Olympic Video games regardless of uncertainty


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Summer in Tokyo will highlight much-needed stories of heroism, nostalgia, and inspiration from around the world. Stories of resilience and deeds of overcoming challenges will bring positivity and hope after months of uncertainty.

According to a 2019 Twitter study, Twitter has been the number one platform people hope to find out about the Olympics first. We have taken advantage of this dynamic since then as three times more people on this social network say they are big fans of the Olympics and everything related to it compared to people who don't use it. Because the fans who follow the games do so not only because they are part of the sporting achievements, but also because of the stories that these achievements produce.

In Latin America, people feel modeled after a model success story, with 82% of people surveyed on Twitter believing that the Paralympic Games deserve more coverage than they are given.

We have improved the products to better discover content and discuss moments by putting the entertainment around the games at the center. This includes adding new themes that bring the latest content to your favorite sports, teams and athletes. We'll be presenting event push notifications to keep people updated in real time so they can get in the mood for what's going on.

The games will be featured across the Birdie Social Network, on searches, event pages and trends, and as an exclusive destination that picks popular information and content from Tokyo in real time. Fans choose Twitter to watch live sporting events because they want to know in real time what is happening on and off the pitch.

What brands can do

We learned a lot during the ambiguity and complexity of marketing during the pandemic. We have used some of these previous insights, along with the current context of the entertainment, to create guiding principles for advertisers that we want to share with all of you.

1. Show your support

Before and during the event, we encouraged brands to nurture their positive attitudes by prioritizing every opportunity to share unique, uplifting and inspiring stories through campaign messages and creativity. These can include athletic backstories, exciting competition results, moments of cultural unity, and more.

2. Practice self-awareness

Consider if your proposed sponsorship and connection to the games from the eyes of the people who use your products has in any way to do with the day-to-day conditions of the pandemic. Think about how your marketing and communications teams are aligned with what your brand has been doing over the past few months to support your community, industry, employees and customers during the pandemic, and assess what role this plays in your message and Your creative tone generally plays.

3. Keep up with the conversation

By keeping up to date with how your brand is being talked about, your teams can seize moments of positive trends, respond authentically, and address all events related to your brand presence in real time. We have a variety of tools, product features, and information capabilities that can help your brand, communications, and agency teams stay up to date on the latest events and circumstances, and help you find your answers to them.

4. Plan for flexibility

In the event the games don't go as planned, it's important to proactively prepare for how your brand recognizes and reacts to these changes, as well as adjusting your tone, creative messaging, and media strategies. Assess each of your sponsorship components from teams to countries to athletes and more as you create these scenario plans and consider how they might be challenged or viewed in the face of unplanned circumstances.

5. Think about what people need to know and how you can help

As you plan your scenario, consider the benefits or support your brand can provide to fans and consumers should conditions change during the Games. This could include considering the following components: frontline and health care professionals, local customers and employees in Japan, and athletes with whom your brand and their home countries are associated.

Without a doubt, the challenging events of the past year will bring big changes to the games and the viewing experience. We hope more than ever that there will be many incredible moments, performances, and personalities that will spark important conversations on Twitter all summer, and we can't wait to be part of the conversation.

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