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How you can relate your company and private picture

Why does your appearance have to go hand in hand with the company's image? We tell you 7 keys.

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Without a doubt, the first goal we must set ourselves as entrepreneurs is to define the face of the company and then design your own picture .

It's unthinkable that a company that wants to provide good customer service is in the hands of someone who not only disguises themselves badly, but also doesn't like to disguise and is late every day, don't you think?

The image causes a phenomenon that I "call" Chain success "because if you do things well, your employees will notice and feel motivated.

Thinking that as a boss you can do anything you want is a fatal mistake because the outcome of your business is what you project on.

The person who has a match between corporate and personal image will be a magnet that appeals to others, and that is, in the business world, the most important step is to attract people success .

To improve your image, you have to make an effort. Therefore, you need to advise yourself and achieve harmony between inside and outside. Think of this as a product in the market: if we want a customer to return, we have to leave a mark and it has to be positive.

Below, I share seven keys that you need to consider in order to achieve this consistency.

1. Use the image to demonstrate the benefits of the company. In addition to the fact that your employees must dress according to the style of the company, the logo must have the colors that emanate what you want to project. Example: if it's a company that is energetic or cheerful, orange is fine, but if it's more formal, blue is ideal.

2. Make sure the mission aligns with the corporate image. If your mission is to be the best company, it should not only be reflected in company goals, it should be evident to your customers as well. Ultimately, they are your main asset and you need to be aware of what you are doing to become the best.

If we want a customer to return we have to leave a brand and it has to be positive / Image:

3. Make sure what you say and do is consistent. It is impossible for a leader to boast about what not to do and keep doing it. Remember to teach by example. The companies that succeed are those where the leader takes the helm of the ship.

4. Create a relationship between what you are projecting and what you know . Remember: we are a product on the market and it can be easily sold if it has an attractive packaging, although the buyback is only achieved with good content. Then you can get dressed very well and project intelligence, but if you speak what does not show that it is useful, the same thing happens in reverse.

5. Make sure that the instructions start with the command high. By developing a manual of procedures and having the clarity of the staff, others can be found and know the guidelines. When a boss who proves successful dictates the rules, it is easier for others to obey them because admiration creates a desire to imitate. It has been proven that when there is motivation, it is more practical for instructions to be followed.

6. Achieve balance. Don't leave the balance behind you. It's not about being a regime, but it's not about being a party room either. The workplace must be a place where professionalism is breathed in and at the same time a place where employees feel comfortable.

7. Dress like a high achiever. The picture is so powerful that you can easily move crowds. If you want to look like a triumphant person, you need to take care of the details in both clothing and personal grooming. Start by believing it. It's not about arrogance, it's about believing in who you are and showing it to others. How will you grow when nobody notices Get noticed!

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