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How working “outdoors” your organization is the important thing to working

Take a fresh look at how your prospects see you.

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13, 2021

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It may still be a difficult idea to implement as a small business, but the idea of ​​not getting caught up in the details of running your business is a good one. But here's an even better idea: work more outside of your company than on it.

What does it mean to work outside of your company? It means to be objective. Imagine being an outsider to get a fresh look from the perspective of the audience you are trying to reach. The closer you are to your company and the more integrated your company is into your life, the harder it is to do. For this reason, the self-employed and small business owners often see the perception of their company no differently than intended.

Somehow, entrepreneurs often forget that they are also consumers. If you get the auto-reply message on LinkedIn from someone selling their services, has that ever worked for you? Have you ever received an instant automatic reply and thought, “Oh, great! I am so glad you sent me a message straight away because I am so eager to buy your services, even though I have no relationship with you at all! ”If such a practice has never convinced you to buy, leave you then believe that it will work for everyone else?

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There seems to be this trend of offering unsolicited criticism to point out a person's value proposition. I recently received an email that said, "You are creating wonderful content, but it doesn't seem to have a large audience," followed by all of the ways the sender could quadruple my audience. With a little research, I couldn't find a single case where they had an audience on a social media platform bigger than mine. But will they help me grow my audience? What they had was a ready-made process for pointing out a vulnerability that they believed their services offered a solution. I couldn't help but wonder when was the last time insulting someone worked to get them to hire you.

Look at your brand message and the messages you are spreading. It's amazing how often companies market death and mortality and think this will inspire people to act. Financial planning plays a major role in this. Typical news speaks of readiness for the ultimate ending. The end of work, health and of course the end of life. Even industries like the photography industry will value capturing moments for posterity and loved ones when you are away. Does planning your financial future inspire you because you are going to die? Or would it be more tempting to plan whatever you want?

Take a moment to think and feel how the audience you are trying to reach will help you see and feel for what it could be. If pointing out your death doesn't inspire you, there's a good chance it won't inspire anyone.

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It has been said – we are much more alike than different. Sure, our emotions, reactions, and circumstances are different. But you can be pretty sure that if you don't like the way someone is marketing to you, a large number of people will not like it if you market to them the same way.

Do more work outside of your company than on it. Imagine you are the audience you want to reach. As a consumer, would you like the way you market your business? If not, change it. Look at your marketing strategies, your brand and your marketing messages and ask, “If I were my potential customer, would that inspire me to choose my company? Or would it be a turnoff? "

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