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How Instagram Tales and Instagram Reside enable you have interaction along with your clients

28, 2017

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You have eight seconds to grab your prospect's attention. It takes some skill to generate a compelling message in such a short amount of time, but now marketers have yet another challenge to face. Instagram (and Snapchat, too) allows users to create short messages that will disappear almost instantly. And users love it!

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The next step beyond capturing attention is creating a memorable message or picture. The latest updates from Instagram include Stories and Live options. Both give brands a unique way to interact with their fan base. Stories contain an interesting series of short video clips or images that disappear after 24 hours, and the Live option notifies followers of videos that are recorded in real time.

Instagram Stories allows users to share moments of their day without permanently posting them on their profile, reducing the fear of overposting. There are three posting options: Live, Boomerang, or Normal. When these short videos or pictures are uploaded, they are summarized in a mini slideshow, using your profile picture as the cover photo. They're at the top of the Instagram app, but they go away after just 24 hours.

Before creating your first story

Customize the story settings: Click the week in the top right corner of your profile page. Select "Story Settings". You can choose not to allow replies from anyone, anyone, or only those you follow. You can also hide your story if there are people you don't want to share it with in your audience.

Show stories

The stories that appear on the top bar of your feed are arranged from left to right, from the most recent to the ones already viewed. New stories will include the colorful Instagram ring. While viewing it, you won't be able to comment or like the story, but you will have the option to send a direct message to the account owner.

Create your first story

Step 1. Tap the profile picture with the blue “+” in the top left corner of your feed. Select "Enable Camera Access" and / or "Enable Microphone Access".

Step 2. Select the appropriate post option:

Living. Recorded in real time and only available to those who are committed throughout your life. It disappears as soon as the broadcast is over. Normal. Pictures and videos disappear after 24 hours. Boomerang. Small series of images were played quickly forwards and then backwards. Allows you to record without holding your phone.

Step 3. Take or take a picture.

Step 4. Edit the options. You can easily add filters, emojis, drawings, or text with the following tools:

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Change filter. Instagram is known for its overlays and filters that you can use to beautify your photos. You can now also add these to your stories by sliding left or right over your picture or video. Add emojis, drawings or text. Available in the menu at the top right.

Step 5. Save to publish your story. Save your video / photo using the icon on the bottom left of your device or select the arrow on the right for more options.

Send to selected people. Your list of followers will be displayed and you can specifically choose who you want to view your post.

Create a new group. Select a group of people to have access to your post.

That's it, you've just created your first story.

Instagram Live

This new feature engages users in a similar way to Periscope and Facebook Live. If your followers have live notifications enabled, they will receive an update while recording and can watch your video in real time. However, once the video ends, it won't stay on your profile or story. It completely disappears, much like the six-second snippet from Snapchat.

How to create an Instagram Live

Step 1. Create a new story. Tap on the profile picture with the blue “+” in the upper left corner of your feed. Select "Enable Camera Access" and / or "Enable Microphone Access".

Step 2. Go Live! Select the "Live" option. (Note: you cannot use flash in this mode.) When you're ready, tap Start Live Video to start recording. Instagram notifies your followers that you are broadcasting live so they can join in.

Step 3. Manage live broadcast. When followers tune in, you can see the number of viewers in the top left corner and their profile names at the bottom of the screen. All of the audience comments are also displayed below so you can respond to or rate your audience's engagement. You can deactivate the comment function by tapping on the three dots in the lower right corner and selecting "Deactivate comment".

Step 4. End the transfer. When you're done, tap End in the top right corner and choose End Live Video. This will bring up the analysis screen. Remember, your live video will not be saved in your Instagram story and will no longer be able to be viewed.

Step 5. Review Live Analytics. This screen shows you the total number of viewers who have seen your program. You can measure this number against your total number of followers to see what percentage of your fans are engaged in your video.

A big business benefit of using the Instagram Stories and Live features is that your account can reach followers who normally don't have notifications turned on for your individual posts. You will automatically see your Instagram story in the top bar of your feed.

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As a company that wants to promote your target market with the highest possible ROI, Instagram Live and Instagram Stories cannot be ignored. For now, at least, these platforms let you reach your target market in droves for free. They have high interaction rates and are easy to use.

While you can still use these platforms, you can use them quickly for maximum results.

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