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How Crises Are Studying Alternatives

The CEO of private equity company Daulat shares lessons he’s learned about optimizing cash flow during difficult times.

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20, 2020

1 min read

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Rick Mirza is the founder and CEO of Daulat, a global private equity company. He talks with #ThePlaybook host David Meltzer about crisis management, generating cash flow, his relationship to money and adding value to people’s lives. 

Mirza discusses the importance of learning, using crises to gain knowledge. He recommends learning every day by seeking out those people with wisdom and experience.

Mirza talks about cash flow, not only as a source of business stability during uncertain economic periods but as a metaphor for happiness — prioritizing experiences with family and others to generate “life cash flow.” 

Mirza talks about his relationship to money, saying that consistently successful people make money work for them and not the other way around. He also discusses his favorite quote, “If you come across something of value that can do good for other people, it is your duty to share it with the world.”

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