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How can the US authorities and personal corporations work collectively to reinvent cybersecurity?

Here are some ways you and your business can help spark much-needed changes in the cybersecurity space.

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24, 2020

4 min read

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur's contributors are their own.

This article was written in collaboration with Angelica Sirotin.

Never before in our modern history have security issues been more critical. The cybersecurity vulnerability hot button issue has mobilized a fleet of AI and technology entrepreneurs looking to find and implement digital solutions to avert future crises while mitigating current threats.

Due to the recent chaotic developments in the US, a whopping 67 percent of small businesses want to improve their cybersecurity in 2020. The only way to achieve this change is to harness the power of American ingenuity and reinvent our national security infrastructure, AI technologies that embody principles of ethics, transparency, and accountability. Fortunately, there is already a new era of cyber entrepreneurs fueled by global cybersecurity spending, which is projected to exceed $ 1 trillion by 2021.

The fastest way to spread the message of cyber entrepreneurship and learn lessons for the next generation of entrepreneurs is to have critical dialogues that address issues such as national security.

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After speaking with some of the best and brightest in national security, we've compiled a list of best practices for you to use in your organization.

Support and use of government policy. It is important for private and public institutions to partner with government research laboratories to engage in entrepreneurial efforts and advance research into new, actionable cybersecurity strategies. Entrepreneurs become the core block of national resilience (national infrastructure). The US National Security Strategy 2017 sent the message that economic security is national security. The backbone of American ingenuity is one on which national security frameworks depend, as the public is the prerequisite for security protocols. Promote innovative ideas. We must continue to mobilize entrepreneurs to continue innovating with leading AI technologies across sectors and across the country, guided by research institutes, private companies and the government. Focus on human-machine interaction to fill this gap. Without trust between human-machine interaction, little can be done in the area of ​​the further development of national safety standards. In a July 2020 Research and Markets report based on an assessment by The Baytown Sun, “machine-operated automation systems alone are NOT enough to specifically understand the motives behind attacks, as cognitive computer-enabled human interventions are also required. “If the future is towards convergence, biology and technology must find common ground through public-private initiatives. Otherwise future-proof national security standards will fail. Gen Z should be more involved in national security-related entrepreneurship. Sometimes referred to as the Surveillance Generation because they grew up alongside the Internet age, social media, biometrics, IoT and the like – along with the fact that Gen Z is the most entrepreneurial generation to date, this younger generation knows firsthand what the Die Security evolution is similar. America also needs "1.8 million additional cybersecurity experts to fill the workforce gap by 2022," according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This void will be filled by Gen Z's entry into the workforce and will have profound implications for our national security policy. In addition, it is important to build on the previous experience of the digital natives and to include them in the reinvention of our national security protocols.

Finally, the experts we met called for U.S. citizens and entrepreneurs to act to develop, innovate, and reinvent cybersecurity frameworks in a way that reflects the resilience and spirit of this nation.

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