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How books can turn into your greatest content material advertising technique

12, 2021

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Right now, your ideal target customers are likely consuming some form of content at home. Just look at the evidence – Netflix has hit a new milestone with subscribers. ISPs struggle to keep up with bandwidth as users burn the interwebs. Blogs, podcasts, publications, and news agencies are seeing an increase in content consumption.

Content – and its marketing – are critical to the growth of a company today. It's no longer enough to just show up and ask that your consumers be careful when posting an offer to sell. If you don't promote it through content, this offer will fall on deaf ears.

Content marketing is a powerful way to build audience, drive potential customers, and drive overall sales through blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media posts.

And one of the most powerful forms of content marketing is publishing a book.

Perhaps you envision someone in your head writing a 100,000 word book in one weekend. You are thinking of a process that will take months or even longer to get to market. What I advise is something a little more streamlined – a 15,000 to 30,000 word representation of what your business offers. The beauty of this content marketing strategy is that you can take advantage of one of the least used search engines and audiences: Amazon.

There are three ways that books can be used to support your business, build inbound leads, and modernize an older form of content marketing.

Convert other content into a book

You are constantly creating content. They publish social media posts, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and other types of content. All of this value can be compiled, edited, and put together in chapter format to create a book.

Great editors and formatters can transform this reused content to be polished. As you give it new life, your content will reach book readers eager to read your compiled, drawn-out thoughts. In doing so, you publish a book, generate additional income and build your incoming leads.

First, take stock of all the content you've published in the last month. Is there a topic? Find that connection, create a title, and strategically lay out the content to educate the consumer about how you can help solve problems.

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Create e-books on various topics in your company

The new version of books has been created to get to the point. The reality is this: your consumer is not in a place where they are ready to take in a lot of information. It would overwhelm her. You need bite-sized information.

There are many different components involved in achieving what you teach and deliver in your organization, and each of these elements can be a separate e-book. You could have a number of e-books that educate consumers and subconsciously start the buying process.

Any of these books can have links to your website, service page, and email list and can be an added incentive for readers to sign up for. For e-books, these can be live links in every book.

A series of books on the topics your business covers are a great way to increase your visibility, increase your reach, and add value to your consumers. It's an underutilized form of content marketing that pays high dividends.

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Outsource the book creation and benefit from the advantages

If the thought of putting together a book sounds exhausting, outsource the work.

There are entire companies that are involved in the creation and publication of books. Use your existing content or hire a ghostwriter to spell out what you want to say in a book. Investing in outsourcing can bring books to life that will build your credibility, reach new consumers in a variety of ways, and build your list of potential buyers. It's a win-win situation.

Creating, publishing, and using books in your content marketing strategy isn't as daunting as it seems. Today's tools make the process a lot easier. Take a look at Amazon, for example. It's a great resource and source of income that entrepreneurs can add to their business.

Take some of the great content you've worked hard to get published and turn it into a book that could exponentially increase the reach and effectiveness of your content marketing. You are only a book away from creating older form of content.

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