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How a novel perspective is a useful asset

The L & # 39; Oréal USA CMO talks about how she applies her field hockey experience to marketing one of the world's leading beauty brands and how the company gives something back during the pandemic.

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28, 2020

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Gretchen Saegh-Fleming is CMO for L’Oréal USA. For #ThePlaybook, she talks to host David Meltzer about her experience in high school field hockey and how she was taught about the "great unlock" that comes from questioning the status quo.

As a left-handed player, Saegh-Fleming was challenged by the unavailability of left-handed field hockey sticks. To play, she had to learn how to hold the racket with a right-handed handle. Since this grip was not a matter of course, Saegh-Fleming took additional time and practiced more than her teammates to gain competence, and ultimately rated their skills as "OK".

Her breakthrough occurred when she taught herself to play with a backward grip and held her right-handed bat in a left grip – or backwards. Their unique positioning confused opponents, helped their team win games, turned their former vulnerability into strength, and taught them that what is different from the status quo can be a huge asset.

Saegh-Fleming suggests that recent graduates and job seekers rely on their uniqueness, citing the slogan "Because I'm worth it", the creation of a young copywriter who works primarily with men.

Saegh-Fleming also discusses L’Oréal's fight against the pandemic and its effects through the mass production of hand sanitizers and the support of retail partners and salon owners.

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