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How a Navy SEAL by accident created tens of millions of in health insanity

An unstoppable mindset helped retired Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick make TRX a global force.

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During his deployment in 1997, Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick was looking for a way to keep his body in top physical shape, which is essential for effective deployment as a member of the world's most elite forces. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of equinox or LA fitness in the part of the world where it was used (okay, there weren't).

The ability to adapt and improvise is a hallmark of special operators, and so Hetrick used these powers. Hetrick only used parachute straps, a jiu-jitsu belt that he accidentally put in his pocket, and his body weight. He developed a training system that kept his mind and body strong. It was primitive and it worked. After leaving the Navy, Hetrick further developed and refined its MacGyver-ed system. Cut to 2019, and this system is now the global fitness phenomenon known as TRX. Hetrick's suspension training product and training system are used in more than 60,000 clubs and training facilities worldwide. The company expects to sell more than $ 60 million in goods and services next year and has a list of ambassadors, including Super Bowl-winning quarterback Drew Brees. Not too shabby, is it?

Listen to Randy's incredible story after the podcast "Get a Real Job".

Before our interview, I attended a course in New York City as part of the "TRX for AnyBODY" campaign that was started to encourage non-elite athletes (like me) to give it a try. Then I spoke to Randy, who gasped in between. Here are some of the highlights of this conversation:

What the military teaches you about risks

"The SEAL teams taught me some useful lessons on risk: 1. Every real opportunity carries risks, and most risks contain opportunities. 2. Risks can be managed by preparing and following a set of standard work instructions (SOPs) for generations of institutional knowledge convert into modern best practices. Bottom line: blind risk is bad, managed risk is the name of the game. "

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Success begins and ends with teamwork

"The central principle of special operations is that small groups of talented, motivated people with complementary skills – aligned to a common mission – can form teams that make the impossible themselves possible. The main ingredients are talent, motivation, commitment, complementary skills and team alignment . "

What veterans bring to the table in the store

"In the SEAL teams, integrity and accountability are the two most important character traits. In my 15 years as an entrepreneur, I have found that this is also true in the business world. Practically all other skills can be imparted, except integrity and it is difficult for an employee Those who don't understand or appreciate these traits until they reach adulthood teach military responsibility. From the day they enter the service, military veterans are preoccupied with these concepts. They also develop ingenuity, tenacity, and selfless commitment to the mission If you are looking for a well educated, highly integrated person who demands accountability and is rooted in a tradition of selflessness, service and ingenuity … you can’t do it better than hiring a veteran. "

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His proudest moment as Navy SEAL

"I was commissioned to command a squadron of the most elite specialty operators that have ever walked Earth. For that brief moment, I had reached the absolute peak of my profession. And it was the greatest achievement of my life at that time."

His proudest moment in business

"I had many, many proud moments with my teams to make TRX the amazing global brand it has become. But perhaps the proudest of all was the day a young blind man – a former SEAL, who had been blinded in the fight – told me that TRX had saved his life, and when I asked what he meant, he explained that we had given him a tool and the knowledge to train himself without the help of anyone, who gave him back one of the most important things in life … his independence. "

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TRX for everyone

"Even though TRX offers new products and services for its professional clientele of coaches, clubs and athletes, it also extends its scope in the consumer landscape. Our customer base ranges from 50 to 50 men to women and extends from 15 to 15 years 95. TRX is indeed for everyone, but this reality has been our best kept secret until recently, so we recently decided to expand and spread our marketing message, whoever you are, whatever your goals are, and whatever yours TRX is for you, we launched our TRX for AnyBODY ​​campaign to share the amazing stories of inspiration, courage and success that are a daily part of our life and brand at TRX. We hope everyone can to encourage wherever there is a body that enables TRX to do its best, whatever the best. "

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