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Hostage reported in Ubisoft's Montreal places of work

The mayor urged citizens to avoid the area.

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13, 2020

2 min read

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This story originally appeared on Cine Premiere

By Sergio López Aguirre

The parent company of Ubisoft, the Video game Developer studio is located in Montreal, Canada and on Friday 13th 2020, various authorities and local media reported high levels of police activity Ubisofts Offices in which several indicate a possible hostage situation on site.

Officers were sent to the site after an emergency call. Specialized #SPVM officers are on site and inspect the premises. No injuries were reported.

– Police Montréal (@SPVM) November 13, 2020

According to the initial reports from the Montreal Police Department, due to an earlier call to 911, the special team arrived without giving many details about it, but they indicate no person has been injured so far.

In any case, Montreal City Mayor Valerie Plante has asked citizens and neighbors to avoid the area for added security while she is in constant touch with the Montreal Police Department.

No threat has been identified to date. We are currently evacuating the building. #SPVM

– Police Montréal (@SPVM) November 13, 2020

Both the latest tweets from the Montreal Mayor and the police came in in just over an hour, and there is no update on it.

Mon équipe is étroite avec le @SPVM et nous Surveillons la situation de près in communication. Nous invitons les Montréalais • should avoid the Mile-End section. #polmtl

– Valérie Plante (@Val_Plante) November 13, 2020

It is also not yet known how many people are in the Ubisoft building in Montreal, Canada. This is also due to the pandemic that is emerging and whether some are working from home.

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