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To learn more about how our Minters achieve their financial goals, we've reached out to everyday Mint users like you to hear their stories. Whether it is repaying student loans or working towards buying a home, we are so excited with the dedication this community has shown to working towards your goals and dreams.

One of the mints we have associated with is Jordan. He shared with us how he used Mint to achieve a number of his financial goals. Check out his # EmpowerMint story:

My wife and I have been interested in getting out of debt since the day we took out student loans. With a desire to repay these loans, we tried to learn more about budgeting and personal finance.

As we grew on our journey, there were many financial things that we questioned that felt "normal". We heard so much news stressing the need to have the latest toys in order to be happy, that debt is normal, and that most people live a paycheck on a paycheck. We found that we were not comfortable with it and that we were happy to be happy with what we got.

Knowing that money issues were often a problem area for couples, my wife and I started using Mint shortly after we got married in 2010 to ensure transparency and partnership from the start. We found the Mint to be an excellent tool for getting a complete picture of our financial situation. During that time I worked full time and my wife finished her final year in nursing school. Mint was an instant aid in keeping track of where our money was going and starting budget discussions that have proven invaluable in our marriage. It also helped initiate discussions about short-term and long-term goals that were critical to strategic and goal-oriented planning.

Over time, Mint has been instrumental in helping us achieve so many of our goals, including:

Pay for school with cash

Save for a deposit

Our current goal is to complete our 15 year mortgage in less than 5 years. A combination of mint, aggressive savings, overtime and sideline jobs have enabled us to achieve this goal within the next 12 months. Once that goal is achieved, we look forward to having a little fun and celebrating that achievement and then preparing for the next chapter of our financial journey.

In addition to this goal, we have several net worth milestones that we aim to achieve over the next 1, 5, and 10 year periods. We are very excited about the concept of financial independence and want to be able to focus our attention on things outside of work, such as: B. further investments in our family and matters that are important to us. With Mint, we can see how the choices we make help us achieve those goals.

Today we check Mint daily to keep track of our expenses and monitor for fraudulent activity. Years ago, Mint helped me identify a fraudulent charge almost immediately so I could notify our bank and resolve the issue. By reviewing our expenses, we can stay within our budget, catch fraudulent activity and follow the budgeting rules for every dollar that are so helpful to us. In addition, the linking of our accounts has automated the otherwise very manual and time-consuming process.

I also loved using the trending feature to see exactly how our money is being spent and to make sure we always work together as we are working towards our financial goals rather than feeling like one person is the other carried away. We can budget with transparency and don't have to hide any transactions for personal expenses and rewards or minor spills.

The trend function also enabled us to get an idea of ​​how high our typical expenses were in different categories. We regularly review our budget. The ability to easily see our historical expenses in different categories has helped us set realistic goals and track our progress as we try to change habits. Finally, seeing changes in our net worth over the years was inspiring because we could see in real time how decisions to save or forego instant gratification can have long-term benefits.

Additionally, we have found a lot of joy doing things ourselves, whether it be cooking meals for the week, doing our own car maintenance, or trying to fix something ourselves before calling someone. Additionally, satisfaction increased as we saw that making these decisions not only helped us learn new things, but also helped us achieve our goals.

Knowing what we now know, we are very excited to pass these values ​​on to our children, and we love to discuss them with anyone who asks. In addition, I can see an after-work "life" of volunteering in some form of personal finance, whether it is educating people about budgeting or just encouraging them in their financial journey.

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Annemarie Belda (15 posts)

Annemarie Belda is the communications manager for Intuit Mint. She is passionate about helping readers achieve their financial goals from opening a savings account to achieving financial freedom.

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