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Greatest residence enchancment bank cards

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As the weather improves in many places in the United States, it is common for many people to get involved in various home improvement projects. Whether you are a major renovation or just look at Increase your attractiveness for curbsYou may make repeated stops at hardware stores. Here is a list of some credit cards that can be used to maximize the value of your miles and points.

Best home improvement credit cards

Most credit cards reward spending in two different ways – either they offer the same amount of rewards for all purchases or they offer different prices in different categories. Some of the most popular bonus categories are groceries, restaurants, travel, or gasoline purchases. Hardware stores aren't a common bonus category, but there are still some ways to maximize your home improvement shopping rewards.

Bank of America Cash Rewards Card

One card to look out for is the Bank of America Cash Rewards card. The Bank of America Cash Rewards card does not reward hardware stores directly. Instead, you get 3% cashback on a category of your choice, and hardware stores are one of the options available. You can only get 3% back on initial purchases of $ 2,500 per quarter and are giving up the opportunity to get 3% back on other categories. However, this can still be an attractive offer, especially if you can combine your offer with purchases across multiple categories. There is no annual fee for the Bank of America Cash Rewards card.

US bank cash + Visa Signature® card

As with the Bank of America Cash Rewards card, the US Bank Cash + card allows you to choose your bonus categories from a list. You can get 5% cashback on two categories of your choice, up to a maximum of $ 2,000 per quarter. Hardware stores are not an eligible category right now, but you can choose from furniture stores, electronics stores, and home appliances. That can cover a lot of home improvement expenses. This card also has no annual fee.

A new credit card that you meet the minimum spending requirements for

Another option for the best home improvement credit card is to get a new credit card to try to meet the welcome offer. The initial sign up bonuses when opening new credit cards are one of the most lucrative ways to earn credit card rewards. Imagine a card that earns you 60,000 bonus points after spending $ 4,000 in the first three months of receiving the card. As you complete this initial spending offer, you will earn FIFTEEN points per dollar for every dollar you spend. That's an excellent return on investment.

Any card with good daily earnings percentages

If you don't have either of the two aforementioned cards and are not interested in signing up for a new credit card, consider using a card that offers good earning potential on all purchases. Some options to consider:

Citi Double Cash – 2% cashback on all purchases
American Express Blue for Business – 2 Membership Rewards points for all purchases up to $ 100,000 per year
Chase Freedom Unlimited – 1.5 Chase Ultimate Rewards points for every dollar spent
Capital One Venture – 2 venture miles for every dollar spent on all purchases

Consider using gift cards for your home improvement expenses

Another option is to use gift cards for your home improvement expenses. The reason you might be doing this is because many grocery and office supply stores sell gift cards to places like Lowes or Home Depot. And it's a lot easier to find a credit card that offers a bonus in one of these categories.

It is true that this may require an extra trip to get a gift card first, and there is a bit more to consider in figuring out exactly how many gift cards to buy. You will also lose any purchase protection that you get if you pay for your home improvement purchases with a credit card. However, it may be worth your while for the right rewards.

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