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Google sued for "pirated" Mexican movies on YouTube

The Spanish producer Carlos Vasallo filed the lawsuit against the two Alphabet companies in Florida.

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6, 2021

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This story originally appeared on Cine Premiere

Google The Spanish audiovisual producer is facing a lawsuit in federal court in Florida Carlos Vasallo who accused the company of allegedly exploiting the piracy of its films on the famous video website. According to Bloomberg portal reporter Peter Hayes, Vasallo claims to have "the world's largest collection of Mexican and Latin American films."

In the lawsuit filed last Monday, May 3rd, the company of Carlos Vasallo, whose name responds to Athos Overseas, confirms this Google has allowed the films of its property to be shown on the YouTube platform for revenue without paying a license fee . "The films have been viewed countless times on YouTube and have generated significant revenue for the defendants," the court document said. "" Google and YouTube were unjustly enriched by deliberately misappropriating the films which causes Athos to suffer a depreciation of the collection, "adds (via).

The lawsuit can also read that this film collection is "a valuable part of the Golden Age of Mexico" and that Carlos Slim had even offered Vasallo more than $ 100 million for the entire film series (via).

Who is Carlos Vasallo?

Carlos Vasallo is currently CEO and President of América CV Network. Since 1975 he has been responsible for founding and managing various companies with a focus on audiovisual production such as American General Films USA, Mexican Home Video, Video Universal México, América Home Video, Films Nacionales, Cinematec Video, Connoisseur Video, Top Entertainment and Cine Estelar, Cinema Nostalgia and the television station Vasallo Vision (via).

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