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From tailgate events to building websites: 5 distinctive options of the brand new F-150 pickup from Ford

2021 Ford F-150 Lariat


Ford Motor unveiled its new F-150 pickup on Thursday night with some surprising new features designed for both construction sites and tailgate parties.

Here are five unique things you should know about the 2021 F-150:

Integrated generator

Ford offers the vehicle with an integrated power generator, which it calls "Pro Power Onboard".

The generator is used as standard in a new hybrid model of the vehicle. It is also offered on other gasoline powered trucks.

The generator takes energy from an integrated lithium-ion battery. The vehicle's engine may need to be on to assist charging the battery. It can also be used to charge things like tools while the vehicle is moving.

The output power varies depending on the generator. Here are some examples provided by Ford of what the various systems can supply:


The 2021 F-150, along with the Mustang Mach-E crossover, will be among the first vehicles to offer Ford's new hands-free driving system for split highways.

The "Active Drive Assist" system can control the speed, braking and steering of a vehicle via a system of cameras, radar and other sensors on 100,000 miles of pre-mapped highways in the United States and Canada.

According to Ford, the Active Drive Assist system enables hands-free calling on more than 100,000 miles of shared highways in the United States and Canada.


Customers can buy a pickup with the hardware for the system later this year, but will have to wait until the third quarter of 2021 to use the technology.

Ford plans to release software at this time to activate the technology via a remote or wireless update. It can also be installed at a dealer.

Easter eggs

Car manufacturers, especially Fiat Chrysler's Jeep brand, are increasingly adding hidden design elements to new vehicles, commonly known as "Easter eggs".

The 2021 Ford F-150 has at least three. All vehicles for US customers have an American flag engraved on the interior of the instrument panels near the driver and passenger doors. It's a subtle blow to pickups by rivals General Motors and Fiat Chrysler from Crosstown, both of which produce some of their pickups in Mexico. Ford doesn't.

"You'll see it every time you open a door," said Ehab Kaoud, Ford chief designer for North American trucks. "It's a reminder that every F-150 in the US is assembled by A."

All 2021 F-150 pickups have an American flag engraved on the interior of the instrument panels near the driver and passenger doors.


Other special design elements for individual models are the F-150 King Ranch models, including the etching of the first such model on the instrument panel. XLT Sport models include a Detroit map on the door.

"It symbolizes the pride where this vehicle was designed," said Kaoud. "And the map also symbolizes exploring new places."

New lashing straps on the tailgate of the vehicle also serve as bottle owners.

Hybrids and electric vehicles

The 2021 F-150 offers new interior and exterior designs, additional storage space and six available engine options, including a 3.0-liter diesel and a 3.5-liter hybrid V6 engine "PowerBoost". All engines are equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Ford said the new hybrid model aims to reach about 700 miles on a single tank of fuel and deliver at least £ 12,000 maximum towing available. This corresponds to or better than current models with V6 engines.

Ford expects the hybrid model – its "premium powertrain" – to account for approximately 10% of sales. This is comparable to the "EcoBoost" V6 engines, which currently make up around 60% of sales.

A fully electric F-150 is expected sometime in the next two years – accordingly or a little later than new electric pickups from GM, Tesla and the start-up manufacturer Rivian.

Jim Farley, Ford's chief operating officer, on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Friday promised that the upcoming all-electric pickup "is a spectacular product."

Origami interior

The interior of the 2021 Ford F-150 is all about storage and space optimization.

One of the most unique features is a stowable shift lever that allows a flat surface between the passenger and driver for laptops or other requirements such as signing documents.

The 2021 F-150 has an available stowable shift lever that can be folded into the center console to give access to a flat work surface in the park.


According to Ford, about a third of truck customers regularly use their laptops in their pickups.

Both front seats can also be folded nearly 180 degrees to allow more comfortable sleeping, Ford said.

"We know that our customers spend most of their days and sometimes nights in the vehicle," said Craig Schmatz, chief engineer of the F-150. "We really wanted to improve functionality to make it more productive and comfortable in the cabin."

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