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Free Webinar: How This Common Grocery Model Received Large Progress Throughout A Disaster

An interview with the founder and CEO of Moink.

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31, 2020

2 min read

As COVID-19 hit and shut down companies across all industries, Moink CEO and Founder Lucinda Cramsey knew she had to find a way to keep operations running so they could provide food to people across the country. Cramsey, who received and accepted an offer on ABC's Shark Tank, turned the $ 6 million deal into so many deals in the first half of 2020 alone in 2019.

Cramsey knows what it takes to face pressure and seemingly unsolvable problems and win. Attend a free webinar on how this popular grocery brand experienced massive growth during a crisis to find out how it did it. This conversation, made available to you by NetSuite and Entrepreneur, will be hosted by Jill Schiefelbein, author of Dynamic Communication and contributor to Entrepreneur.

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Attendees will receive a firsthand report on how a company adapted, developed and thrived in the early stages of the pandemic, and how what they learned changed the way they operate. We'll learn everything from solving the problem of how to stay up and running and ship fresh groceries in the event of widespread transportation delays, to discovering how to keep a warehouse open 24/7 in a city of 94 people to handle order requests to meet employee protection to uncover talent she didn't even know her team had.

And you can apply these lessons directly to your business. You will also learn the following:

Cultivate Your Resources: Knowing Who to Call in a Time of Crisis, Time of Abundance, and Time of Need to "get it" done. On-the-job training: How, when time is short, to get people on board quickly and create cohesion and unity of purpose. Developing Your Plan B: Think about contingencies when there are many unknowns and uncertainties in your potential supply chain. Mission Oriented: How clear your mission is, what problem you are solving and the service you deliver can keep you and your staff focused. And more

How this popular grocery brand saw massive growth during a crisis will take place live on Thursday October 22nd at 12 noon. EST | 9 a.m. PST.

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