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four Methods Gratitude Is Serving to Entrepreneurs Now

17, 2020

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In business, the return on investment (ROI) on your money is measured by the relationship between your net income and the cost of your investment. A financial analyst quickly calculates this value, which generally reflects the success, failure, and / or progress of an entrepreneur or investor.

The ROI on health and wellbeing for entrepreneurs, investors and all of us is not that easy to calculate. There is a great deal of research in health and medicine that discusses how to improve health, regain and maintain health. A clear finding from gratitude research is that gratitude supports well-being in terms of physical, mental, emotional and social health, especially in times of the coronavirus. In other words, the ROI for wellbeing through gratitude is particularly high right now.

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What's the point of expressing gratitude? There are at least 4 benefits of expressing gratitude that promote health and wellbeing.

1. Expressing gratitude strengthens our relationships

In a study showing that gratitude strengthens relationships, the researchers write, “Relationships with others that are responsive to our whole selves – our likes and dislikes, our needs and likes – can help us get through difficult times and into good ones Times to flourish. "

The ability of gratitude to strengthen relationships leads to strong support systems that increase overall well-being. The next time you think of a close friend, thank them for it!

2. Expressing gratitude improves our sanity

Gratitude has a positive effect on mental health and promotes inspiration, motivation, amazement and satisfaction. Are you looking for a boost to start your days? Expressing gratitude can help you feel inspired by looking for things big and small to be grateful for. Inspiration, in turn, leads to motivation, which can help achieve your goals. Regularly feeling gratitude for nature and the connection can help us relive our sense of awe.

3. Expressing gratitude helps relieve stress

Gratitude lowers our cortisol levels – a stress hormone – by about 23 percent, preventing the health problems that stress can lead to. What does that mean? You can help stave off the negative effects of stress like weight gain, anxiety, headaches, and even heart disease through mindfulness strategies like a regular gratitude practice.

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4. Expressing gratitude curbs fear

The ROI for expressing gratitude includes help with anxiety. A 2015 Italian study of self and identity found that "Gratitude makes individuals more susceptible to showing kindness, understanding, support and compassion for themselves when setbacks and frustrations arise."

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Gratitude promotes self-compassion and self-understanding, thus reducing insignificant self-talk. This, in turn, alleviates the anxiety faced by 40 million American adults.

The ROI for expressing gratitude is real and tangible. Try three strategies to start your gratitude practice:

1. Make a list of three things for which you are grateful every day.

Each day, choose three different parts / things to be thankful for and enjoy. For example, you appreciate the calm of the sun rising in the morning. Or maybe you like to shower and feel ready to start the day. These can be normal things that you enjoy or something different every day.

2. Write a thank you letter to someone you care about

Share with a friend why he or she is so important to you. Or tell a loved one that they are only who they are. It may feel uncomfortable, but the bonds you strengthen will keep you satisfied.

3. Write and share an uplifting and inspiring social media post

Post an uplifting quote about gratitude on social media with your friends. Or celebrate the birthday of a friend or loved one with a loving and heartfelt status post on a friendly and uplifting app or platform. Enjoy these moments.

If you say thank you regularly, your ROI for wellbeing will multiply many times over. Your relationships, as well as your stress and anxiety levels, will improve. Invest in gratitude today to see dividends now and later. Coronavirus may have distanced us socially, but our gratitude for life and one another can bring us closer together in meaningful ways.


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