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Flip property over? Study inside design and cleansing strategies from consultants.

Make the most of your investment or even start your own sideline.

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25, 2021

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Keeping your home well organized, neat, tidy and stylish is not a matter of course for some people. For many others it is. This is why interior design is such a sought-after business. People really want to feel comfortable and happy at home, but they cannot say exactly what needs to happen in order for them to feel satisfied. This is where designers come in, and whether you're looking for a way to improve your own design skills or turn your design interests into a career, the Home Design & Cleaning Bundle can help.

This six-course package includes training from 3D technologist Jamie Cardoso (4.2 / 5 instructor rating) and the International Open Academy. In the design courses you will learn how to give any house on a budget a unique look and how to maintain a sustainable lifestyle (and design style). You will understand how to look at old objects with a new eye and how to turn thrift store items into eye-catching and conversational centerpieces. You'll also explore furniture restoration, discover how to restore furniture at a profit, and know where to look for quality pieces.

Finally, in Cardoso's courses, you'll work with 3D visualizers such as V-Ray and 3D Max to create beautiful, lifelike 3D models that showcase your work more effectively. With modifiers and post-production techniques, you can stage your work like an absolute pro every time.

Improve your design skills and maybe even start a sideline. Currently, the Home Design & Cleaning Bundle is only $ 19.99.

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