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Find out how to use paid social media with retargeting

8, 2020

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The following excerpt is from the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing by Eric Butow, Jenn Herman, Stephanie Liu, Amanda Robinson, and Mike Allton and is available now through Entrepreneur Press. Order from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple books.

Boosting your Facebook promotions is an investment to consider if social media marketing is a huge part of your overall marketing strategy.

If you choose to advertise on Facebook, you can either create a new ad or use a status update that you've already approved.

The ad fee structure is similar to Google's in that you can set a daily budget but not set a per-click bid. Instead, Facebook will show your ads. The more interest people show, the less you will be charged per click. So it is in everyone's best interest to create interesting and compelling Facebook ad posts.

Not only can you drive traffic, but you can use Facebook ads for brand awareness and just pay for engagement – in other words, likes, comments and shares. The more people engage with your ad and post, the more likely it is that they will be seen by people outside of your target audience.

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Unlike Google search ads, which are 100 percent text, Facebook ads can be links, images, or even videos. You can use a single image or a carousel of images. You can even upload multiple images and let Facebook test which one goes down the best with your audience.

You can also set up a remarketing pixel (a snippet of code installed on your website) so that Facebook can track users who have been to your website and allow you to give them a remarket ad with an ad that is specifically targeted to them.

How Remarketing Works Once you've got a Facebook pixel installed on your website and you're getting targeted traffic using Google Ads (and other ways, of course), you can increase the illusion of frequency.

With a pixel, you can now create Facebook ads that target people who have visited your website, or even specific pages or posts on your website. This is known as retargeting or remarketing.

You have undoubtedly seen this yourself. Spend a few minutes looking at cars on an automotive website and all of a sudden every website you go to is showing ads for that make of car. Since you've shown interest in a brand or product while visiting their website, advertisers want to use that interest intelligently and keep an eye on themselves.

You can do the exact same thing now!

When your Google ads are effectively tracking someone looking for you or information you've posted, they'll register as a visitor with the Facebook pixel. When Facebook recognizes them as a user and you run a remarketing campaign that includes someone like them, you can layer brand awareness or additional advertising on Facebook or Instagram that may be seen by someone who has already demonstrated search intent and is familiar with your brand. This is extremely powerful and effective.

When you combine this technique with problem-solving content, you now have an opportunity to reach people who you know have a problem and may need help solving it. This help could include:

Instructions. Answers to frequently asked questions. Case studies.

Let's say you are a local lawyer specializing in family law. You can write a series of blog posts that answer common questions about divorce, custody, estate planning, and so on, and then use Google Ads to help people looking for those answers find your content. You can then run Facebook ads encouraging those people to call you for more information and assistance.

Or imagine you own a wedding clothes store. Same scenario: create content that answers frequently asked questions from brides about their special day, use Google Ads to drive intentional traffic, then use Facebook to make sure these brides know about your gorgeous dresses, by showing ads showing your latest deals and redirecting your website traffic.

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Regardless of what products or services you offer, this technique can be implemented, tested, refined and then expanded.

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