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Brokerage possibility for Charter Financial Note

Real estate listing broker

Take advantage of a multi-billion dollar industry you haven't used before by joining Charter Financial as a referral agent. We are a national owner funded real estate buyer and we are looking for independent agents to train the business with so that you can refer these type of notes to us. The average fee per transaction is just over $ 3,000.

Ownership finance is not widely known, but it does occur in around 10% of all real estate transactions in the country.

Check out the short video below for an explanation of owner financing.

We give you an excellent opportunity to find notes to buy and we pay you an excellent transfer fee every time. When you work with us, all of your focus will be on finding us notes – and all of our focus will teach you how to do it. We only make money when you make money. That is why we are motivated to provide you with excellent training and support so that we can both benefit from it.

Our business has never been better because there are so many people in need of cash and because banknote holders are selling their banknotes at record speed. Plus, millions of dollars worth of new owner-funded real estate certificates are created every day. Add it all up and you can see NOW is the time to start this great business.

You can run this business from anywhere in the country with no territorial restrictions and make your own schedule. You can work part time in addition to your current job or you can work the business full time.

We're industry leaders and have been in business for over 20 years. We are an A-rated BBB company and we offer the best training and support in the industry.

We can both benefit from working together. The fees you earn on each deal range from $ 1,000 to over $ 25,000. The average fee is around $ 3,000 per transaction and the average time spent on each deal is around 1 to 2 hours.

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