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Enhance your small business intelligence by mastering Microsoft SQL Server

This $ 30 package lets you work with data like a pro.

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11, 2021

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Data is everything in business today, and how your business uses it can mean the difference between scale and failure. For many companies, Microsoft SQL Server is an essential lifeline. SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that supports enterprise transaction processing, business intelligence, analytics applications, and more. It is one of the leading database technologies out there and a very valuable tool for entrepreneurs to learn how their company can work more effectively with data.

Would you like to get started as a SQL Server expert? Check out the Essential Microsoft SQL Server Training Bundle, available now for just $ 29.99.

This quick two-course package is curated by ITU Online. As of 2012, ITU Online has offered on-demand IT training content to more than 650,000 students, 200 companies and 50 public institutions. They have received the Best in Biz Awards and Cybersecurity Excellence Awards thanks to their training on CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft Server, Ethical Hacking, Data Forensics, Cloud Platform Deployment, Programming, Web Development, Network Administration, IT Basics, and more.

In this bundle, you will first learn about SQL Server installation, data storage, data recovery, monitoring, security and maintenance. You will understand how to set up, manage, and maintain a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 database so that you can move on to the more advanced topics.

After the introduction, you'll dive into one of the most important features of SQL Server 2019, Big Data Clusters. You will learn about data visualization and data lakes and learn how big data clusters combine large amounts of streaming data for analysis. You'll also learn about the architectural fundamentals of Kubernetes, Spark, HDFS, and SQL Server on Linux, so you can combine different types of data to get smarter insights.

Become a data expert by mastering Microsoft SQL Server. Typically $ 198, you can sign up for the Essential Microsoft SQL Server Training Bundle today for just $ 29.99.

Subject to price changes.

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