Election: Biden says democratic wins in Georgia's runoff elections will lead to stimulus checks of $ 2,000

President-elect Joe Biden and President Donald Trump fought in Georgia on Monday, where two runoff elections to the US Senate are due to take place on Tuesday to determine the balance of power in Washington.

Biden spoke at an afternoon event in Atlanta in support of Democratic challengers Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock, while Trump will address during a rally for incumbent Republicans Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler that is starting to address in Dalton, Georgia 7 o'clock

"If you send Jon and the pastor to Washington, those $ 2,000 checks will go out the door and restore hope, decency and honor to so many people in trouble right now," Biden said during his speech, referring to the proposed larger stimulus checks. “If you send Sens. Perdue and Loeffler back to Washington, those checks will never get there. As simple as that. "

Trump, Perdue and Loeffler have come out in favor of the larger direct payments to Americans in response to the COVID-19 crisis, rather than the $ 600 checks that go into bank accounts. However, the $ 2,000 checks were blocked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Kentucky Republican, and denied by other GOP lawmakers.

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The president-elect also said the election of Ossoff and Warnock will put an end to the "deadlock that has gripped Washington and this nation."

"With their votes in the Senate, we will be able to make the advances we need to make on jobs, health care, environmental justice and so many important things," said Biden.

Trump is expected to urge Georgians to back Loeffler and Perdue, but there were concerns that the outgoing president's attacks on the top Republicans in Georgia because of his loss of the state election could cause some GOP voters to break away Keep elections out. The president told the Georgian electoral chief over the weekend to undo Biden's November victory in the state, and the tone of her call has received considerable attention.

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"GOP controversy over election results and incentives was clearly a headwind as the polls were aimed at the challengers," Height Capital Markets analysts said in a note on Monday. "We see a clear message about the presence of President Trump's planned rally in the state today as crucial for election day."

The Republicans already control 50 seats after the November election and can remain the majority party in the Senate with 100 seats by winning just one of the two races in Georgia. They would then conduct a policy review, backed by Democratic President-elect Joe Biden and the Democrat-run House of Representatives.

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Betting markets and polls on Monday indicated some confidence in the Democratic Party's prospects.

The runoff elections in Georgia have the potential to add volatility to a stock market. US stocks

Closed significantly lower on Monday.

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