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eight books to learn for a profitable 2021

Who doesn't need a dose of inspiration? These titles get it.

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Get inspiration from the business resources in our guide and help you meet your goals in 2021.

27, 2021

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Whether you were in the red or in the black, 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Some people start the new year hoping to mess things up while others are just trying to stay afloat. No matter where you are, times like these are great for personal development.

If at the beginning of the year you feel a little lost, try reading the books. Your first steps in 2021 should be part of a strong overall mission, and the right book can provide the inspiration you need to develop your own. Here are some of the best you can read for the year ahead.

1. The new legal business model: Build a lucrative legal practice that you (and your clients) love from Ali Katz

Law is an art, but it's also a business. Ali Katz's story of going from the top of her class at Georgetown Law to over $ 1 million in annual sales in just three years is a story anyone, regardless of their specialization, can learn from . The New Law Business Model has more inspiration and insight than most books in just a few pages, making it a must-have for this year.

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2. Hackable: How to Get Application Security Right by Ted Harrington

Entering back doors, finding exploits, and generally making a mess – that's what hackers do. In his new book Hackable, Ted Harrington argues that companies must take a similar approach to securing their systems. It shows the importance of thinking outside the box and being ready to push boundaries in potentially problematic ways, whether it's about application security or something completely different.

3. What They Didn't Tell Me: How to Be a Resilient Leader and Build Teams You Can Trust by Jawad Ahsan

When Jawad Ahsan decided to fight his way into the C-suite, he had no idea what he was going to face. After years of hard work, Ahsan finally made it to the top, writing what they did not tell me to share what he had learned with others willing to do anything to be great leaders.

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4. The Errand of a Fool: Why Your Goals Are Missing and What To Do About It by Roy Cook

New Year's resolutions are known to end earlier than expected – but why? For those looking to achieve their goals this time around, A Fool & # 39; s Errand is a useful guide. Achieving your goals begins with defining your personal core values. Roy Cook's new book can help.

5. Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink by Iona Holloway

Sometimes the most inspiring books are also the most painful. In her debut memoir, Iona Holloway treats some of the most painful topics of career, perfectionism and femininity in beautiful and insightful ways. Ghost might not be easy to read, but it will inspire meaningful reflection once you pick it up.

6. F * ck the Glass Ceiling: Start (and stay there) at the top as a female entrepreneur from Mandy Cavanaugh

As provocative as the title may be, F * ck the Glass Ceiling is a battle cry for women climbing the corporate ladder or running their own businesses. Mandy Cavanaugh's powerful voice can help men and women improve their masculine and feminine energies to be their most authentic selves in business.

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7. The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide to Inclusive Guided Tour of Patty Beach

It is not enough just to be inspired. You need to know how to inspire others too. The Art of Alignment is a kind of leadership inspiration guide that explains exactly what you should and shouldn't do when putting together a team or group to address your concerns. When you get the inspiration you need, give back by inspiring others. Patty Beach can show you how.

8. Coming back: How to win the job you want when you've lost the job Fawn Germer needed

If you are among the hundreds of thousands of young professionals who have lost a job thanks to Covid-19, Fawn Germer wants you to know that you are not alone. She also wants you to stand up, dust yourself off, and get the job you want. In Coming Back, Fermer gives senior job seekers the guidance they need to improve their technical skills, rock social media, and make themselves relevant in the new world of work.

There is no right way to get inspired. So cast a wide net. Reading some of these books can open your eyes to how dynamic and resilient the human mind is – a powerful reminder as you start your year.

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