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EBay works with NBAs & # 39; Sneaker King & # 39; P.J. Tucker collectively to spice up shoe gross sales

Houston Rockets PJ Tucker

Source: eBay

The striker from Houston Rockets, P.J. Tucker partners with eBay to develop a new influencer-style deal that aims to showcase and capitalize on Tucker's new sneaker loft.

The financial terms of the agreement have not been provided, but the pact is a short-term content deal that could lead to an extended partnership.

EBay will create video content in Tucker's loft and "launch a selection of sneakers inspired by its own collection," the company said. A similar sneaker style is auctioned on eBay.

Tucker is known in the National Basketball Association as "Sneaker King". As is well known, he used his first debit card to buy shoes on eBay as a junior in high school.

"There is still no one who likes it [eBay]," said Tucker in an interview with CNBC from his hotel room on the NBA's Disney Bubble campus in Orlando.

"EBay's sneakerhead community is one of our most passionate, and P.J. Tucker embodies that passion," said Mark Flaa, GM of Sneakers at eBay North America, in a statement. "We couldn't miss the opportunity to give fans an insight into his new sneaker loft and to share this perspective with other collectors on the market."

EBay is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA.

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EBay's return

The partnership with Tucker corresponds to the vision of the new CEO Jamie Iannone for eBay. The company is trying to gain a part of the collector's market that includes sneakers and is valued at $ 500 billion. Tucker's name, image and likeness are valuable in the "sneakerhead" world. eBay added 8 million active buyers in the second quarter, and this deal could help win more, the company said.

With e-commerce competitors like Walmart and Shopify interfering in eBay's business, and a scandal involving at least six employees to intimidate the company's critics, Iannone was hired in April to re-brand the company To take root.

"I think there are many options," he told CNBC's Squawk on the Street on July 29. "I am not happy with our location and see enormous upside potential in really coming back and focusing on the customer experience." . "

Long-term plan

The 35-year-old Tucker described the eBay service as "reliable" and praised the "real conversation" the website had with other customers when he described his long relationship with the company.

The North Carolina-born, who signed a multi-year endorsement contract with Nike in November, did not deny that he was dependent on the auction-based e-commerce service.

"It's fair to say," he said. "I don't remember the last day I was without eBay."

Houston Rockets PJ Tucker

Source: eBay

Josh Abba, CEO of Sports Media World, said the agreement also extends Tucker's out-of-court business. Tucker will not play in the NBA forever and wants to expand his "creative ambitions" in fashion.

"After his career, he'll have plenty of opportunities for creative shoes, which will be exciting for him in the long run," added Abba, who advises Tucker on business and marketing deals.

Tucker's contract with eBay includes the presentation of his estimated 700 to 1,000 sneakers in his Houston loft and the provision of exclusive interviews about how he collectible sneakers like the Air Jordan 1 1985 originals and the Ben and Jerry-inspired "Chunky Dunky" – Bought sneakers.

Tucker said the only pair of sneakers he needed to find that wasn't supplied by Nike was the Chunky Dunky, for which he estimated to have paid $ 2,000 on eBay.

After two games in the NBA bubble, Tucker helped the Rockets improve to 2-0 after a 120-116 win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday. The Rockets also helped ESPN attract an average of 1.7 million viewers against Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks on its opening weekend last Friday.

The NBA resumed its Covid 19 season on Turner Sports' TNT network last Thursday, reaching an average of 2.9 million viewers for its double header with the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers.

Tucker told CNBC that he had no complaints about the NBA's bladder except "not being able to go and go anywhere". He praised the league's security protocols and Disney's campus as "the most sterile place I've ever been in my life."

"We have really good restaurants here; the food was great, we can go from hotel to hotel. They built a barber shop, a nail salon – everything you need is here.

"Hopefully things can go on as they were," said Tucker.

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