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Dwell updates for corona virus: Delays in reopening are rising because the WHO warns that the worst is but to return.

The Englishman Leicester ordered to return to a stricter ban

5:08 p.m. ET – Leicester, England, has been directed to reintroduce some blocking measures because coronavirus infection rates are significantly higher than elsewhere in the country, according to a Reuters report.

While the rest of the UK plans to ease further social distancing measures on July 4th, Leicester will close schools and non-essential retailers. People were warned not to travel to, from, or within the city.

Leicester made up about 10% of all positive cases in the country last week. – Hannah Miller

According to CDC officials, the U.S. has spread too far to contain the outbreak

5:02 p.m. ET – According to Dr. Anne Schuchat, deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reports too many new infections every day in the United States to keep the outbreak under control.

While many other countries in Europe and Asia have managed to bring the daily infection level down to a point where health officials can get the virus under control and contain it, according to Schuchat, the United States is not there yet.

"We are not in the situation of New Zealand, Singapore or Korea where a new case is quickly identified and all contacts are tracked down and people who are ill are isolated and people who are exposed are quarantined and things are under control can hold. " "She said in an interview with Dr. Howard Bauchner of the Journal of the American Medical Association." There are far too many viruses in the country at the moment. That is very discouraging. "- Will fire

Fed chief Powell warns of "extraordinarily uncertain" prospects

4:52 PM ET Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell warns again of the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic and says the path ahead is "extraordinarily uncertain". In his remarks, which he will hold in front of a house panel on Tuesday, Powell emphasizes the importance of containing the coronavirus.

"A full recovery is unlikely until people are confident that it is safe to re-engage in a wide range of activities," he added. "The way forward will also depend on the policies taken at all levels of government to provide help and support the recovery as long as necessary." – Jeff Cox

2021 Geneva Motor Show canceled

Picture Allianz | Picture Allianz | Getty Images

4:42 pm ET – The organizers of the Geneva Motor Show canceled the event next year because of the coronavirus pandemic because the exhibitors showed no interest.

The Geneva Motor Show 2021 was to take place in March. The early cancellation raises the question of whether other auto shows such as the auto show planned for November in Los Angeles will take place on schedule. The organizers of the California show did not immediately respond to a comment.

The decision is made after officials have been forced to cancel this year's auto show in February, days before it should open. It was the first show to do so due to the coronavirus pandemic. – Michael Wayland

MLB prohibits spitting in Covid-19 shortened season

4:09 p.m. ET – Major League Baseball announced highlights of its health and safety protocols, including banning players from spitting during games.

The MLB said players and team members will go through "medical testing and screening processes" before returning to full training on Friday. The league said the opening day would start on July 23 and 24.

After the MLB and its players' union failed to agree on games and remuneration structure, they decided on a season with 60 games, which will consist of "40 division games and 20 interleague games". – Jabari Young

New Jersey delays food resumption in restaurants

3:39 p.m. ET – New Jersey governor Phil Murphy said Thursday state restaurants are not allowed to dine indoors again as originally planned due to a growing number of coronavirus cases in other states. He said that according to the revised plan, indoor dining may be resumed at a later date that remains to be determined.

On June 15, New Jersey resumed dining al fresco and limited indoor retail. Murphy found that some residents and institutions in New Jersey did not follow the recommended guidelines for social distance or the use of facewear.

The state is still preparing to reopen its outdoor entertainment centers, indoor leisure facilities, museums, and libraries on Thursday, Murphy said. – Noah Higgins-Dunn

AMC Theaters is delaying the gradual reopening until July 30th

2:42 PM ET – AMC has postponed the reopening of its cinemas after Warner Bros. and Disney postponed the release dates for "Tenet" and "Mulan" to August.

The largest film chain in the USA had originally planned to open in mid-July, just in time for the first release date of "Tenet". AMC will now begin its gradual reopening on July 30th.

When reopened, AMC operates at a limited capacity, blocks seats to ensure safety, and prompts users to wear masks. – Sarah Whitten

Other states are reversing plans or slowing reopening as the number of cases increases

A worker drills plywood panels over windows and doors of a bar in Austin, Texas, June 26, 2020.

Sergio Flores | Getty Images

2:35 p.m. ET – New Covid-19 cases rose weekly by at least 5% in 37 states across the country, based on a seven-day moving average, according to a CNBC analysis of Johns Hopkins University data.

The recent surge in cases has caused some governors to decline or delay some of their reopening plans, including in states like California, Washington, Florida, and Texas. California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered Sunday's bars to be closed in a handful of counties after Texas and Florida took similar action late last week. Washington Governor Jay Inslee blocked eight counties on Saturday from moving to the next phase of state reopening.

Public health officials also closely monitor hospitalizations, which can indicate how severe an outbreak is in an area. According to a CNBC analysis of data compiled by the Covid Tracking Project, an independent volunteer organization created by journalists at The Atlantic, Covid-19 hospitalizations increased in 20 states on Sunday. – Noah Higgins-Dunn

New York malls cannot be opened without air conditioners that filter the corona virus

2:20 p.m. ET – New York governor Andrew Cuomo said large state malls cannot be reopened until they have installed high-quality air systems that can filter out the corona virus.

According to a presentation by Cuomo, highly efficient particle air filters or HEPA filters have been shown to help reduce the presence of Covid-19 in the air.

According to the CDC, the coronavirus is said to spread primarily through person-to-person contact when an infected person produces coughing, sneezing, or speaking near other breath droplets.

HEPA filters are designed to filter particles with a size of 0.01 micron and more. Recent studies have shown that coronavirus particles are about 0.125 microns in diameter, he said.

So far, New York has not allowed malls to reopen in the state, but has allowed retail to resume indoors with reduced capacity. Other companies did not have to install high-end filter systems, although the governor said the state is encouraging all companies and offices to "explore the potential for their air conditioning filter system". – Noah Higgins-Dunn

The WHO warns: "The worst is yet to come."

A patient is rolled into the Houston Methodist Hospital as storm clouds gather over the Texas Medical Center on June 22, 2020 in Houston, Texas, as coronavirus disease (COVID-19) breaks out worldwide.

Callaghan O & # 39; Hare | Reuters

1:50 PM ET – The coronavirus pandemic is still accelerating, and without further collaborative global intervention, "the worst is yet to come," said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization.

"Although many countries around the world have made some progress, the pandemic is actually accelerating," he said during a virtual press conference from the agency's Geneva headquarters. "We all want this to be over. We all want to continue with our lives, but the harsh reality is that this is far from over."

According to the WHO, most new cases come from countries in America, particularly from the USA and Brazil. Tedros stressed that some countries have seen a resurgence after reopening parts of their economy and society.

The best way to combat the spread of the virus is through proven strategies, including extensive testing, contact tracking, and isolation of infected people, Tedros said. Improved clinical care for patients will also help lower mortality rates, he said. – Want fire

Lowe's gives workers another round of bonuses

A customer pays for his purchases in a Lowe store in Cary, North Carolina.

Jim R. Bounds | Bloomberg | Getty Images

1:29 p.m. ET – Hourly employees at Lowe's receive another Bonus to thank them for taking care of customers during the coronavirus pandemic as more and more cases of Covid-19 occur in many states.

The home improvement retailer announced that it would pay $ 300 full-time and $ 150 part-time and seasonal workers in mid-July. Employees received the same bonus amount in March and May, and hourly wages increased by $ 2 in April. The pandemic related bonuses were approximately $ 245 million.

Lowe's sales have increased during the pandemic as customers do DIY projects and repairs while spending more time at home. Sales in the same store grew more than 11% in the first quarter, but CEO Marvin Ellison said that this is likely to weaken in the coming months. –Melissa Repko

The website for transmission rates shows the results for 34 states

1:12 p.m. ET – Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, who created a website that tracks the rate of coronavirus infections in the U.S., told CNBC that there are worrying signs.

Systrom said on "Squawk Box" that 34 states in the US have an estimated rate of coronavirus transmission above 1.0, which is defined on its website as an indication that the virus will spread quickly. A value below 1.0 indicates that the spread is stopping.

Two months ago, according to Systrom, there were five countries with an estimated coronavirus transmission rate above 1.

"So you have an incredible rebound," said Systrom. "People like to say that we're not in a second wave. I don't know what a second wave is if it's not a second wave." Kevin Stankiewicz

New York's Broadway will remain closed for the rest of 2020

According to the NPD Group, buyers are returning to themselves

Shoppers enter the Westfield Santa Anita mall during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Arcadia, California on June 25, 2020.

Mario Anzuoni | Reuters

10:21 AM ET – New data from consumer tracking company NPD Group indicate that buyers in the US are buying items for themselves again, not just for necessities to enjoy the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the company, the categories for children's clothing, underwear, nightwear and shorts rose in May compared to the previous year, and the number of swimwear increased from week to week until early June.

"At the moment, retail is reflecting consumer needs for normality in a sea of ​​change," said NPD chief adviser Marschall Cohen. "Purchases are less and less about making our longer time at home more pleasant, but rather about finding ways to enjoy getting out and expressing yourself again in public as an individual."

According to a May NPD survey, more than two-thirds of consumers said they would be happy to shop in a store if the restrictions on staying at home eased. The shopping centers in New Jersey reopen on Monday. Retail in New York is finally open again. – Laura Thomas

The FDA grants Danacher's antibody test an emergency release

9:54 AM ET – Danaher received emergency clearance for his antibody test from the United States Food and Drug Administration, Reuters reported. The decision follows the tightening of the FDA guidelines for antibody tests, as the high demand has led to the development of fraudulent test kits.

Danman's Beckman Coulter unit has shipped the test to 400 US hospitals and will perform more than 30 million tests per month, Reuters reported. Danaher also said it has started distributing tests in other countries that accept FDA approval.

The test has a specificity rate of 99.6% and a sensitivity of 100%, which means that the probability of a false negative result is low. There is no chance of getting a false positive based on the specificity rate. – Alex Harring

Amazon gives front-line employees a $ 500 coronavirus bonus

An employee loads customer orders into a waiting tractor-trailer within the million-square-foot Amazon distribution warehouse that opened in Fall River, MA on March 23, 2017.

John Tlumacki | Boston Globe | Getty Images

9:38 am ET – Amazon offers full-time and part-time employees a one-time thank-you bonus for working during the coronavirus pandemic, the company said.

Full-time warehouse, delivery, and whole-food workers receive a $ 500 bonus, while part-time workers receive a $ 250 bonus. Flex drivers who ship packages for Amazon will receive $ 150 if they worked more than 10 hours in June. Whole Foods store managers receive a $ 1,000 bonus, and third-party Amazon delivery service owners receive a $ 3,000 bonus.

Dave Clark, senior vice president of retail operations at Amazon, announced the rewards in a memo to employees, saying that he had "never been so proud of our teams". – Annie Palmer

The stocks open higher and shake off increasing coronavirus cases

9:35 AM ET – U.S. stocks opened higher, though U.S. coronavirus cases continued to increase, CNBC's Fred Imbert and Thomas Franck report. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 200 points at the opening bell, an increase of around 0.8%. The S&P 500 gained 0.3%, while the Nasdaq Composite declined 0.1%. – Warner melody

Amazon workers in Germany go on strike after Covid-19 camp outbreaks

8:44 am ET – Amazon warehouse workers in Germany went on strike after employees of several logistics centers tested positive for the corona virus. The strikes take place on Monday and Tuesday in six e-commerce giant camps across the country.

According to the Verdi union, a recent warehouse outbreak infected 40 to 50 workers.

"Amazon has so far shown no insight and is endangering employee health for the benefit of the company," said Orhan Akman, who is responsible for retail and mail order at Verdi, in a statement. – Sam Shead

Burger King's US stores are flat as the fast food industry is recovering

8:32 am ET – Restaurant Brands International announced that Burger King's sales in the same store in the US will remain unchanged. This is the latest sign that the fast food industry is recovering from the pandemic.

Although many of its North American dining rooms are closed or offer limited seating, Burger King customers come back and order through the thoroughfares. The burger chain recently launched a meatless breakfast sandwich with Impossible Foods sausage across the country to boost breakfast sales.

Burger King's sister chain, Tim Hortons, has seen a decline in negative teenagers in the same store since last week, a sequential improvement over May. Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen saw sales increase in the same store in the "very high 20's" in the United States. – Melia Lucas

Gilead is expected to set remdesivir at $ 3,120 for US patients with private insurance

Vials of remdesivir for the treatment of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) will be closed on March 18, 2020 at a Gilead Sciences facility in La Verne, California, USA. The picture was taken on March 18, 2020.

Gilead Sciences Inc | Reuters

7:40 AM ET – Gilead Sciences announced pricing for its coronavirus treatment, Remdesivir. The drug is sold to industrialized governments at $ 390 per vial and $ 520 per vial to US private insurance companies, "far below" the value of the drug.

The company will start charging for the drug in July. The company had previously donated cans to the U.S. government for distribution since it received an emergency approval to treat Covid-19 patients in May.

The majority of patients treated with Remdesivir receive a five-day course with six vials of Remdesivir. This would increase government costs to $ 2,340 for patients during the five-day treatment and $ 3,120 for commercially insured patients.

"At the level at which we set Remdesivir and with existing government programs and additional Gilead support as needed, we believe that all patients will have access," said Daniel O & # 39; Day, CEO of Gilead, in an open letter . – Want fire

Britain's Boris Johnson says a "Rooseveltian" approach is needed to get the economy going again

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during a daily briefing on the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at 10 Downing Street in London, Britain, on June 3, 2020.

Andrew Parsons | 10 Downing St | via Reuters

7:30 a.m.CET – Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Monday that Britain must take a "Rooseveltian" approach to rebuilding its economy after the coronavirus epidemic.

Speaking to Times Radio, Johnson admitted that the virus was "an absolute nightmare for the country," but added that "these are the moments when you can make changes and do things better … in infrastructure, Traffic, investing broadband, you name it. "

"I think this is the moment for a Rooseveltian rapprochement with the United Kingdom," he added, referring to former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was elected to the US Presidency at the height of the Great Depression. He is known for implementing the "New Deal" programs, which were used to finance the mass expansion of public infrastructure in the United States in the 1930s. – Holly Ellyatt

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