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Does the guilt to others take away your magical powers as a way to manifest your goals?

There are several reasons why you are creating the same struggles and negative patterns in your life over and over again.

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11, 2021

5 min read

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“Are you saying that I have manifested my illness? I would never do that in a million years! "Exclaimed Tanja. "Yes my darling. You create everything that is in your life, whether you like it or not," I claimed.

Tanya came to coaching because she was starting to have social anxiety to the point where she didn't even want to see her friends anymore. However, she has suffered frequent headaches, year-round allergies, and dizziness for some time. She had exhausted all medical exams and treatments before coming to coaching. When she came for help, she knew that this was her last resort because nothing happened in her neurological reports regarding the cause of her illnesses. After working together, she realized how she was constantly being knocked down and stalked after her brother as a child, and how it made her feel abandoned and unloved.

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There are several reasons why you may be causing the same struggles and patterns in your life over and over again. Before we discuss them in more detail, I want to emphasize that everything that is present in your reality is due to the fact that you or your unconscious created it. I know that when you focus so much on being a victim it feels very counterintuitive in the world. I feel like we suffer ten times because we feel powerless. Depression feels powerless. Fear is out of control. You can trace any mental or emotional disorder back to its source. You will find that low self-esteem is the focus. When asked what I do as a mental health advisor, I jokingly say, “I show and teach people how to love themselves.” And it's so true. Only if we loved each other enough would we be in a much healthier world. Here are some of the reasons you might keep creating the wrong things in your life:

Give up the power of co-creation

The unwanted manifestations are difficult to deal with. We like to be proud of what we purposely create. On the other hand, however, we give up our power to help shape our future when an undesirable result manifests itself. Why? Because we find comfort in blaming the things that went wrong for something outside of us. This is the trap that holds us in the victim's mindset. As soon as we accuse something outside of ourselves, we align our beliefs with being a victim who is not in control of his or her destiny. First thing I would recommend if you want to work with the universe effortlessly, please understand the guilt game. Assigning blame robs you of the magical power to manifest your desires.

Suppressed emotions and negative thought patterns

"Then why should I create the things I don't want?" you could ask Well I'm glad you asked. The reason you manifest unwanted outcomes is because of your repressed emotions, trauma, negative thought patterns, and limiting beliefs. Every event in your life is there for a reason and as a lesson. I contend that every undesirable outcome in your life will help you become your pure true self and realize your holiness only when you are aware enough to recognize it, face the fear that drives you, and to change the pattern. If you do not like what is in your life, please watch out for repressed emotions or negative thought patterns that can subconsciously lead to undesirable results.

What part of you is really creating?

Another way to find out why you created what you didn't want is to pay attention to the intentions behind your desires. There are several creators within you: the ego, the subconscious and the mind. Sometimes the ego-created desires take a lot of effort and can even be frustrating. The subconscious just creates whatever you feed into it: thoughts, fears, beliefs, emotions, etc. However, the desires that come from your mind feel effortless. Those that we call miracles or sheer happiness or be in the right place at the right time, kind of business, are all creations of the spirit. We create at all levels, but what manifests and how much impact that manifested desire has on your life depends on the level at which it was created.

I don't feel loved enough

The gap between the ego and the mind widens when there is a lack of self-love. I have clearly realized that the undesirable results come from the ego and the part that is not feeling loved enough. Lack of self-love can literally affect your overall self-esteem. All of the things that you don't like in your life are because you don't feel loved enough. If you are able to trace back the origins of fear or worry, if you dig deep enough, you will find that it started somewhere along the way that you don't feel loved or rejected or abandoned enough.

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And feeling abandoned, in addition to the conditioning origins, actually has humanistic-existential origins. If you will allow me to take a left turn to spirituality here, I will say that we all (as a human race) struggle with this feeling of not being loved enough or of feeling inadequate or abandoned. This actually comes from the feeling of being disconnected from the true essence within us or losing sight of our holiness, which I help my clients to see that they are really, really manifest. We'll dig deeper into this term in the next article.

Again, self-love and self-care are a must to work with the universe effortlessly.

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