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Do you’ve a query about working your organization? Tec consultants will reply you freed from cost

Ask the EGADE experts you connect with the professors at this business school who will answer your questions on video.

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6, 2020

5 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors can occur due to this process.

Don't you know how to organize your team while working from home? Has your supply chain been affected by the pandemic? Many entrepreneurs face these and many issues due to the global situation affecting the world as a result of COVID-19, but cannot access mentors or counseling services due to their costs.

In light of this reality, the EGADE Business School was created in Tecnológico de Monterrey Ask the EGADE experts , a digital initiative that allows you to pose your main problems and find strategic solutions with the voice of subject teachers.

" Ask the EGADE experts is a Tec de Monterrey platform where we make our 300 professors of several nationalities available to the small and large business world of the country – and indeed Spanish-speaking because there are no internet borders – who are experts in many business topics, leadership, technology and transformation of organizations, ”said Jaime Martínez Bowness, Director of EGADE Business School in Mexico City, in an interview with Entrepreneur en Español.

Image: Ask the EGADE experts

The project is a Tec del Monterrey action plan designed to help large Mexican companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) reactivate the country's economy in the face of the current pandemic.

According to Martínez Bowness, between the advisory services of some companies and the formal courses and diplomas there is an unsupervised area: the advisory room, where entrepreneurs of all sizes can ask very specific and practical questions about the challenging problems they face. in their business are faced with how disruptions in the supply chain or how a service portfolio can be expanded in the face of the new normal.

In this context, Martínez Bowness noted that there is currently no service that responds quickly and precisely to the absolutely urgent questions of entrepreneurs. Before that, Ask the EGADE Expert offers a free solution.

“As an entrepreneur, you can submit an inquiry on this website. You leave your business details, ask your question and a teacher will respond with a video of no more than three or four minutes, which will be posted on the website for you to see and the solution to be available to the rest of the public (without revealing it) ) your name) “, commented Martínez Bowness.

Some videos already available on the platform are for example:

What criteria should I consider if I have to adjust salaries in my company? How should companies reconfigure their physical offices? Which measures should I prioritize in my company during and after the emergency? How do I start the digital transformation in my company? Business Loan: How Far In Debt? Supply chains: how to manage them in times of crisis?

Image: Ask the EGADE experts

This initiative, carried out in collaboration with COPARMEX, is open to anyone who makes a request. The site already works for anyone who wants to enter.

Given the global situation, most entrepreneurs who turned to Ask the EGADE Expert have great doubts about the digital transformation. "The audience's most representative doubts were about e-commerce, card payments, and the flow of information between employees who work at home."

Finally, Martínez Bowness hopes that several scenarios will emerge for 2021. “Just as 2020 was an adjustment to remote work, the following year will focus on worrying about the mental and emotional wellbeing of employees as the effects of insecurity build up. and delivery caused by the pandemic ”. The EGADE Director also points out that the trend will also focus on enhancing the user experience in order to achieve loyalty.

Learn more about this platform and leave your questions in this link.

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