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Do you want a lift for 2021? Listed here are eight books to get you began.

Build your confidence and gain business ideas for the new year from these eight authors.

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1, 2021

5 min read

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur's contributors are their own.

The year 2020 was full of challenges, but the coming year brings with it the opportunity to start over. With the Covid-19 vaccine in the early stages of use, hopefully a return to normal is just around the corner.

Nevertheless, 2021 is full of uncertainties. Forecasting has become next to impossible, and executives need to get their "A" game through if they want to stay ahead. By reading some key business insights now, you can prepare yourself for tomorrow's challenges. Here are some of the best books to help you grow your entrepreneurship in 2021.

1. Become MindStrong: The Truth About Health, Fitness, and The Bullsh * t That Is Holding You Back by Rachel Freiman

Being a great entrepreneur is not a job. It's a mindset. You have to get fully into it if you want to compete, and Rachel Freiman's new book can help you get there. Becoming MindStrong: The Truth About Health, Fitness, and the Bullsh * t Holding You Back is a guide to adopting the holistic lifestyle required to be a successful entrepreneur, from mental to physical to emotional wellbeing. No book is a quick fix, and this book will challenge many readers, but the payoff is well worth the cost of entry.

2. Sharper image success: business lessons from America's Gadget Guy by Richard Thalheimer

Sometimes the best advice you can get is a success story to model your own. Sharper image success: Business Lessons from America's gadget type is the often funny, always exciting story of Richard Thalheimer's rise from the idealistic 20-year-old to the head of one of the most successful gadget companies in the world. Climbing to the top doesn't have to be a breakneck dog-eat-dog endeavor: Thalheimer's story is full of joy and benevolence – a useful template for entrepreneurs to follow anywhere.

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3. Uncut: How to Stay Whole in the Pizzeria Industry by Mike Bausch

Okay, your business may not have many obvious similarities to a pizza place. Mike Bausch is here to show reading entrepreneurs everywhere that the lessons he's learned while cutting cakes extend well beyond the kitchen. Uncut: How to Stay Entire in the Pizzeria Industry, explore how the fast-paced, high-stakes pizzeria environment is an excellent metaphor for today's business world and provides some key takeaways that all sole proprietorships should know along the way.

4. Love is free. Guac is Extra: How vulnerability, curiosity and empowerment built an unstoppable Monty Moran team

The title probably gives it away: Monty Moran made a name for himself as Co-CEO who led Chipotle from a few regional restaurants to an international phenomenon and in a very unique style. Love is free Guac is Extra: How vulnerability, empowerment, and curiosity built an unstoppable team describes the immense care it took to accomplish this feat, starting with the over 20,000 conversations Moran had with Chipotle employees about a feeling for getting what they do corporate culture should look like. He may not be a conventional CEO, but that's exactly why his book is a must-have for entrepreneurs in the coming year.

5. Game of Sales: Lessons Learned Working at Adobe, Amazon, Google and IBM from David Perry

David Perry's résumé speaks for itself. If careers at four of the world's most successful tech companies don't qualify someone to share their expertise, it won't do anything. Game of Sales: Lessons Learned Working at Adobe, Amazon, Google and IBM explains that sales is not a magical phenomenon, but a game that can be played by those who are best equipped for it. No company will make it through 2021 without a strong sales portfolio, and this book is a great way to get started building one.

6. Get Back To Bed: Attract more pedestrian traffic and let people fall in love with your Mark Kinsley and Mark Quinn store

Come back to bed: attract more pedestrian traffic and make people fall in love with your business. It may have an attention grabbing title, but its content is as content-rich and insightful as any other. Writers Quinn and Kinsley state the obvious here: the rules of retailing have changed and will not be returning anytime soon. However, the answers they give for navigating these new waters are as heterodox as the title. The year ahead is going to be very different from the last, so leaning on outside-the-box thinking will be a must to move forward.

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7. Gather the tribe: believe in your worth. Find belonging. Be different. by Leah J M Dean

There is no easy way to be an entrepreneur, and no one knows it better than Leah JM Dean. Gather the tribe: believe in your worth. Find belonging. Be different. is a rallying cry for any woman who has ever felt isolated, outdone, or without support in the business world. Building strong corporate alliances is key to staying resilient in the future, and this book will help you do that.

8. Pinot Rocks: A winding journey through intense elegance by Michael Browne

Following your passion, living your dreams, and choosing adventure are all key elements of good entrepreneurship, and all things author Michael Browne is a true expert on. Pinot Rocks: A winding journey through intense elegance is part of the memory of decadent life and another part of a real guide to making your life the way you want it to be. Isn't that something that all entrepreneurs could brush up for next year?

Nobody knows what 2021 has in store, but that doesn't mean you can't start preparing now. If you read the right books, you will have the knowledge you need to face anything for the next year.

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