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Distant IT administration might be troublesome. "Jamf Now" makes it simpler for Apple customers.

Manage your company's devices with ease.

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29, 2020

2 min read

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For many businesses, remote or hybrid work environments can become the new normal. With American companies working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to empower a fully (or partially) remote workforce poses a myriad of challenges for IT and Information Security (InfoSec) teams. InfoSec may not be as secure when everyone is connected to the same servers over dozens of different Internet connections, and communication can be more difficult when people are used to meeting in person. Even adding new employees remotely can be more complicated.

In short, life far away sounds great, but it can be logistical. This is why Jamf Now is such a valuable tool for teams running on Apple. Jamf Now is a mobile device management (MDM) solution that makes it easier and less expensive to manage Apple corporate devices. With Jamf Now, you can work with Apple devices only and coordinate iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices from a single, all-inclusive platform for everyone's devices.

Setting up new machines, inventorying company-owned devices, configuring employee Wi-Fi and email, rolling out security updates, and more are extremely easy with Jamf Now. The software's intuitive layout ensures that every team member is on the same page and has the apps and tools they need to do their job well. Jamf Now also remotely enforces passcodes and data encryption, and locks and wipes devices with the push of a button, adding extra security to your business.

Not every company or organization has the resources and time to deploy an IT team dedicated to managing devices. You can use a central interface to make device decisions and activate them company-wide with just one click and automatically schedule updates. You can also use Jamf Now to perform passcode reset, Activation Lock Bypass, and more.

Remote management of devices is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately, you can open an account with Jamf Now and manage up to three devices for absolutely free. Then you can add additional devices to your coverage for just $ 2 per month per device. Working remotely may be the future, and using a tool like Jamf Now will prepare your business for sustainable success, no matter what.

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