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Discover out if your organization wants a B2B advertising company

Hiring a B2B marketing agency can be the most beneficial next step for your business (if price and time are right).

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11, 2020

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Any senior marketing director will strongly agree on the mention of the stress of hiring an outside marketing agency. Sometimes agency selection can be seamless, especially when there is a trustworthy recommendation. However, there are other barriers to getting the partnership off the ground, including getting financial approval from your CFO or final approval from the CEO. There's also the occasional bumpy transition of information to find out who's doing what and the rarely avoidable conversation between your team and the agency about how we do things.

But don't get us wrong: Hiring an agency, especially a B2B marketing agency, can be extremely beneficial for your business. It just has to be the right fit at the right time. If you can achieve this, your business will reap the benefits.

How does a marketing manager decide whether or when a third party agency has to be called in? Fortunately, there are several tell-tale signs that indicate a lucrative partnership for both parties.

If any of the following applies to your business, then hiring a B2B marketing agency should be next on your quarterly to-do list.

1. If you want to increase your ROI …

And which company is it not? Especially in today's economy where cutting and slicing marketing budgets are commonplace.

Hiring a marketing agency seems like just another expense at first, but here's the catch. When you hire a B2B marketing firm, you are also hiring: copywriters, graphic designers, content strategists, web developers, analytics specialists, and an account manager. The cost of hiring all of these roles individually, not to mention the time spent interviewing, would far exceed the cost of involving an agency.

When it comes to higher ROI, it's not just about your financial return. This also applies to the time your full-time employees would spend running campaigns. However, with an agency, these employees can continue to do their daily tasks while working directly with the agency's experts. In addition, an agency already has experience running marketing campaigns and generating valuable leads and sales. You spend less time learning from data or mistakes and more time engaging customers and generating revenue.

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2. If your short- and long-term goals require specific knowledge and specialist experience …

There is little to no room for error in B2B marketing campaigns. This is especially true for account-based marketing, a strategy that focuses on a few high-quality accounts. Maintaining those valuable leads in the sales funnel can be a very detailed, often confusing strategy. In fact, 90% of B2B buyers don't take a linear sales funnel path. So it's even more complicated than your marketing or sales team might initially think. Enter an agency's expertise in the field.

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Let's talk about SEO, for example. SEO is extremely helpful in generating brand or campaign awareness, as well as providing resources when a prospect is in the deliberation phase of the buyer's journey. But … there's a lot to do to find out what Google's settings are and tweak the content so that it appears on the first or second page of search engine results. With the right agency in this field, you can skilfully bypass the stress of search engine rankings. Your experts will get you where you need to be (and provide your campaign with paid search and programmatic ads).

3. If your product or service requires adaptability and flexibility …

Those who have come to know the world of digital marketing agencies are extremely familiar with clients from various industries. You are also able to manage customer inquiries and last minute changes. Pause an ad in the middle of the night? Rewrite a case study or exchange social media content due to a product change? It's all part of the job.

And when it comes to hiring a marketing agency, you will never hear that ill-advised phrase mentioned in the first paragraph … Seasoned B2B marketers know that the key to winning campaigns is thinking outside the box and other three marketing strategies To be steps ahead.

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4. If you just don't have the bandwidth to run a large or lengthy sales cycle campaign …

Many in-house B2B marketing teams are pretty barebones. You have the writer who also doubles as a social media strategist. Add in the graphic designer who is also the website developer and then your analytics person who is involved in 12 other parts of the business. They just don't have the mental or physical capacity to run a three month demand-generation campaign.

Here you let the responsibility fall on the shoulders of a marketing agency. When you choose a full service B2B marketing agency, everything from analysis to email marketing creation is taken care of.

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