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Defend your privateness with this decentralized safety

Secure and improve surfing in a decentralized network.

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28, 2021

2 min read

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Almost half of all cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. This is an extraordinary statistic that should make any business owner think twice about safety. If you're looking for a powerful, portable security solution for your business (which is very likely mobile these days), you've come to the right place with Deeper Connect Nano for decentralized VPN cybersecurity hardware.

The Deeper Connect Nano is a decentralized VPN and firewall solution that works without a subscription. The plug-and-play design gives you instant access to a free, secure, and private Internet connection no matter where you set up to work, the company said. It's serverless and distributed, giving you a decentralized private network that will automatically change your IP address based on the routing rules so you can surf safely and anonymously. Your user data will never be logged, leaked, hacked or even preloaded thanks to complete anonymity. Nano also has a 7-layer firewall that protects your entire home or business network.

In addition to safety, Nano also offers convenience. It lets you surf and stream online without any bandwidth bottlenecks, and block ads and trackers that can throttle your connection. It uses intelligent routing to automatically change IP addresses based on what you're viewing, and the web filter even blocks malware on your network. When kids use the computer, rest assured they won't be exposed to adult content via parental controls, while the intuitive dashboard user interface lets you see all online network activity – just in case.

Improve your corporate security and your Internet surfing with the decentralized VPN cybersecurity hardware Deeper Connect Nano. Normally $ 299, now $ 100 for just $ 199.99.

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