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Deal with sore muscle tissue wherever with this moveable massager

Reduce muscle pain, improve function, and more.

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25, 2020

2 min read

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Long distance living comes with all kinds of stressors and bumps. Whether you've been uncomfortable in your office chair all day or you've started an exercise regimen now that you no longer have to commute, the chances are your muscles aren't always feeling 100 percent. While this is part of aging, you can get some relief with the Alyne Therapy Massager.

This professional-quality, patent-pending massager uses focused and quick movements to treat muscle and deep pain right at the source. While it relaxes muscle tissue, it helps drain the lactic acid build-up that causes pain, decreases nerve compression, and increases freedom of movement. With three impact modes, three lean angles, and three quick release buckles, you can meet all of your body's muscle needs, whether you're in pain after exercising, stiff after sitting all day, or have chronic joint pain.

With the Alyne Therapy Massager, you can also improve blood and lymph circulation and improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells. This gives you an extra boost of energy and can even help heal scar tissue or torn muscles. With less pain all over your body, you can do more with less wear and tear.

The Alyne Therapy Massager is fully portable and can be easily taken from home to the office to the gym to meet all of your muscle needs anywhere. So don't just walk around in pain. Typically $ 299, you can save 20 percent on the Alyne Therapy Massager when you get it for $ 239 today.

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