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Create a non-public workspace anyplace with this freestanding divider

Whether you are at home or in an open work area, The Fort gives you privacy.

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27, 2021

2 min read

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As a child, you may have built forts out of pillows or blankets to provide a private haven in your home. It turns out that adults need privacy too, especially these days when our homes are full of dogs, children, and all kinds of responsibilities. Whether you need a distraction-free space in your home or you've returned to a small office and want some extra protection, The Fort is here to help.

The Fort is a mobile, free-standing divider for desks, table tops and other work surfaces. In just a few moments, The Fort helps create a personal space free from distraction and outside interference. Because it's so light, it's perfect for setting up anywhere you want to work at home, as well as in open-plan offices. It's made of acoustic felt material with a rating of 0.75NRC that attenuates a lot of sound coming from in front of the divider, giving you complete coverage of your work area.

When you're done or ready to move rooms, The Fort lies flat and can be easily tucked away on a hook, in the closet, under the bed, or anywhere you want to store it. It's even easy to clean – bleach can be used to clean The Fort according to official CDC cleaning and disinfecting instructions.

Find your privacy wherever you need it. Right now, you can get The Fort for $ 20 at just $ 265 using code FORT20 at checkout.

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