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Cramers Blitzrunde: James Taiclet will carry Lockheed Martin some cash

Discover Financial Services: "I prefer Square, I prefer PayPal. Both are better, even though both fail."

Lockheed Martin: "[CEO] James Taiclet comes in and James Taiclet made us so much money in the American Tower. I'm not kidding. Don't touch this stock except to buy it."

Union Pacific: "I've been thinking about Union for a long time and intensely. You read my mind. I think Union Pacific should be on the other side of the barbell. It's a great stock. We had it on. So many good things are happening There.

Gap: "Well, Kanye [West], that was a big sign up for her, and I think people will go back and look at it. Maybe it's about $ 15, but not beyond" because "there are too many Malls … I'm not a big mall type. "

Inovio Pharmaceuticals: "What do you do with a biotechnology or high-risk specification before you announce anything? You [sell] the money you invested. I want you to play with the house money … and you will promise you will do that tomorrow. "

Weis Markets: "I think it's a value game. … I think it's good. I think you have a good one there. It's not" turn off the lights ", but it's good.

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