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Cramers Blitzrunde: BlackRock is a purchase order

Micron Technology: "This stock shouldn't have dropped yesterday, Zack. It was crazy. I think it's a great opportunity. Maybe at $ 48. It's going to be a bargain."

Everquote: "It's a different one. There are many companies that get the lowest price for insurance, and people love these companies."

Marvell Technology: "It's our favorite 5G game. It just went up 12 points. I can't rely on this purchase here. Let it come back a little."

Calithera Biosciences: "It's a special anti-tumor game. You know how I feel about it. I bless you, but only a little bit of money. … That's fine, not great."

Moderna: "The RNA I'm betting on is the Pfizer RNA."

BlackRock: "BlackRock is a purchase."

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