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Combining curiosity and foreign money

PayPal's CTO shares his insight into what leads to a successful career.

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8, 2020

1 min read

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur's contributors are their own.

Sri Shivananda is the CTO of Paypal, an online payment system. On this episode of #ThePlaybook, he and host David Meltzer discuss career counseling, the development of online money exchange, and customer advancement.

Shivananda speaks of focusing on “micro-ambitions”, planning a step or two, but otherwise letting life take its course. He also talks about creating a foundation of learning based on curiosity and the importance of competence, character and persistence.

Shivananda is discussing online payments, especially as COVID has changed attitudes about exchanging physical currencies. He talks about PayPal as a safe, convenient and inexpensive way to manage money for all consumers and your "customer championship", prioritizing user needs in the development cycle.

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