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Check out Burger King's new "no-touch" restaurant designs with photo voltaic panels and outside seating

A rendering of Burger King's Next Level restaurant design

Source: Burger King

Burger King unveiled two new restaurant designs on Thursday that offer a completely "touch-free" experience, as well as solar panels, conveyor belts that deliver orders to customers, and outdoor seating.

The Restaurant Brands International chain is the youngest restaurant company to announce permanent changes to its locations after the coronavirus pandemic changed consumer behavior. According to the NPD group, transit visits increased by 26% in April, May and June.

"In March, our in-house design and tech team accelerated new restaurant design plans and pushed the boundaries of a Burger King restaurant," said Josh Kobzar, chief operating officer of Restaurant Brands, in a statement. "We took into account how consumer behavior is changing and [how] our guests want to interact with our restaurants."

Burger King & # 39; s Your Way Restaurant Design

Source: Burger King

The company announced that the first redesigned restaurants will be built next year in Latin America, the Caribbean and Miami, where Burger King is headquartered.

The new designs take up about 60% fewer square feet than a traditional Burger King restaurant, making it ideal for urban areas with many drivers. The two-story Next Level design includes up to three drive-through lanes to the locations, with one lane being specially designed for delivery drivers. The Your Way concept only has two lanes, but offers a walk-through window for take-away orders.

Reproduction of outdoor seating in a Burger King Your Way restaurant

Source: Burger King

The Burger King Your Way design has a shaded outdoor deck for on-site dining. Customers can also park their cars under solar-powered canopies and have their Whoppers and fries delivered directly to their cars after scanning a QR code in their parking lot and placing their order via Burger King's mobile app.

In a next level restaurant, customers can eat their food in a dining room that protrudes from the thoroughfares to maximize space.

Burger King Next Level's hanging kitchen above the thoroughfares

Source: Burger King

Next Level's kitchens also hang over the drive-through area with conveyor belts delivering orders to these customers.

Pick-up and mobile pick-up cabinets are available on the roadside in both restaurants. Customers can notify employees of their arrival via the restaurant's app.

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