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Cell Telephones PCR Assessments? That is the brand new technique they suggest to detect COVID-19

Chilean scientists are developing a method to detect the virus without having to undergo a nasal swab.

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28, 2021

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A group of Chilean scientists has developed a new method for detecting COVID-19. It's a PCR test to check your electronic devices, and the study found that the result would be 90% the same as a nasopharynx test.

The advantage of this new method, called PoST (Phone Screen Testing) from its acronym in English, is that it is much less invasive and less expensive.

It is important to note that this new method is more effective in patients with a high viral load, since according to the World Health Organization (WHO), false positive results are very likely to result in low prevalence.

How does this new procedure work?

“The swab is swiped over the cell phone screen instead of through the nose and then analyzed for traces of the virus RNA, as in a normal PCR,” explains Alejandra Lavanderos, one of the researchers involved.

The study was led by Chilean doctor Rodrigo Yung, who works at the Global University of London (UCL). It was also published in the British popular science magazine eLife .

Around 1,200 people underwent the experiment in which they performed a conventional PCR test and another using the new PoST method. In this way the specificity of the analysis was checked. On the other hand, the method was useful in identifying the "worrying" variants: Delta, Alhpa or Gamma, which have become a challenge for the world due to their high contagious capacity.

As soon as you meet all the necessary requirements, the scientists will seek approval from the relevant health authorities as an alternative to traditional tests.

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