Calabria is with FHFA, Biden extends mortgage aid, HUD requires the reinstatement of truthful lending rule, and different prime information of the week

Jesse Van Tol, CEO of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, urged the FHFA's next director to “act immediately to reconsider a number of recent directives that are undermining the role of GSEs in the market, mortgage rates and mortgage products , including the December regulation of their capital requirements and the program and product restrictions contained in the January amendments to the FHFA-Treasury Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements. "

Immediately after Thompson's appointment, Scott Olson, executive director of the Community Home Lenders Association, sent a letter to her and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin demanding that the January amendments be suspended. The CHLA, which consists mostly of small and medium-sized non-bank mortgage lenders, previously questioned several moves by the agency, claiming they were a consequence of the January revisions to the PSPAs.

"The government has made the pursuit of racial equity in home ownership a core part of its housing policy," Olson wrote. "The PSPA volume caps completely contradict this guideline."

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