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By no means lose necessary recordsdata. Get limitless cloud backup for a 12 months.

Polar Backup gives you complete control over your files.

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18, 2021

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At this point, our digital life is practically as important as our real life. Between work documents, personal photos and videos, personal documents, finances, and so much more, your digital presence is a record that your normal memory simply cannot hold. This is why it is so painful when you lose an important file or run out of space on your hard drive. You risk losing things permanently.

Don't let it happen With Polar Backup Unlimited Cloud Backup Storage you have all the cloud storage you need.

Polar Backup leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology, GDPR compliance, and a large amount of cloud storage to give you smooth, seamless backups whenever you need them. The intuitive platform gives you complete control over your data and helps you manage, sort, locate, and preview files in a central view that is far better organized than your typical hard drive, the company says. Polar Backup also offers faster backups and makes it easier to clear out your digital life with technologies like deduplication and block-level uploads.

While sync solutions delete your files after you've deleted them from your Mac or PC, Polar Backup works separately, so once your files are backed up there, they are safe forever. You can delete them from your hard drive without worrying about losing the backup on Polar Backup.

Setting up Polar Backup is easy. Simply install the client on your Mac or PC, select the data to be backed up, and set your schedule and security settings. Polar Backup then automatically uploads the selected data from your local and external drives to its secure, 256-bit AES-encrypted cloud.

With this Polar backup offer you have unlimited cloud backup for a whole year. It normally costs $ 120, but you can sign up today with a 62% discount for just $ 44.99.

Subject to price changes.

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