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Broaden your digital advertising with augmented actuality campaigns

Aryel is the world's first WebAR marketing platform.

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4, 2021

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The business world is constantly innovating and if you want to be successful it means being ready to adapt to the times. It also means that you should make an effort from time to time to keep your business up to date, especially when it comes to increasing customer loyalty for your products and services.

Augmented Reality (AR) is changing the way people buy, play and experience products before they buy them. Thanks to marketing tools like the Aryel AR Marketing Platform, product discovery is now also being driven forward.

Aryel is a former # 2 Product of the Day at Product Hunt that can be used to revamp your marketing campaigns while optimizing your budget. It's the first WebAR marketing platform that allows you to launch engaging campaigns without having to have any coding skills or download additional software. With Aryel, you get an intuitive AR campaign builder that allows you to simply upload your digital assets (or choose from third-party libraries), choose between multiple AR solutions, and access more than 300,000 pre-built AR assets to build your campaign to update. Once you are ready, you can share your campaign on any channel, monitor customer behavior and adjust your strategy in real time.

With white labeling, every AR experience is 100 percent tailored to your business, while Aryel provides you with reports and analytics to see how your campaigns stack up. You can find out which devices and operating systems are the most popular, analyze user and visitor demographics, and much more to optimize your campaigns.

With an Aryel license, three users can manage up to five AR marketing campaigns at the same time and support 2,000 views per month. Typically this license costs nearly $ 1,000 for lifetime access, but you can sign up today for just $ 69.99.

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