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Biodegradable glasses: Baxter Blue makes compostable frames primarily based on crops

Made in Italy, the blue light blocking glasses are sustainable and the best: buy one and get a 40 percent discount.

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21, 2021

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Baxter Blue starts an eyewear revolution in the name of protecting the environment. The Italian eyewear maker recently announced its approach to the latest sustainability trend, introducing bio-acetate on behalf of our global climate. The company picks up the material that wraps blue light blocking lenses in a plant-based frame that's as easy to compost as a Starbucks coffee mug, the company says.

While most glasses are made from plastic or acetate, Baxter Blue's biodegradable acetate is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). And because they're made from bio-acetate, the Baxter Blue-Specs can disintegrate in 115 days if thrown away or composted. You can even speed up the process by placing the jars in a composting machine like the Lomi.

However, the company recommends giving away the glasses when you're done rather than throwing them away as "we're making them way too pretty to compost". Aside from marketing, it is better to reuse products whenever possible to reduce waste. However, as you can tell from the photos, Baxter Blue is a stylish, sophisticated looking pair of glasses. The fact that they protect from High Energy Visible (HEV) light emitted by your devices.

Your choices are nowhere near limited as Baxter Blue glasses come in a wide range of colors and styles and rival selections of more well-known online eyewear retailers. In addition to blocking blue light, the lenses also protect your eyes from UV light and prevent glare from sources like your computer screen or smartphone. This is crucial if you are on the phone with colleagues or customers during Zoom calls, as glare can obscure facial expressions and therefore lead to mixed messages and misunderstandings.

"We know that we are at the beginning, not the goal, but the change begins somewhere," said a press release from the company. “Between our return promise, our sustainable packaging and our organic ambitions, we are striving for a better future here at Baxter. We are making great strides towards a smaller footprint and believe that this is the future of luxury. "

When you buy a pair, you can wear a second eco-friendly, biodegradable blue Baxter Blue sun glasses with the promo code at a discount of 40% for a limited time BUNDLE 3. May your next glasses purchase show more consideration for the future of our planet.

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