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Biden says Trump will "throw every little thing however the sink at me" after the Hunter Biden tales sparked Fb and Twitter

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event on October 10, 2020 in Erie, PA, at the United Association's (UA) Plumbers Local 27.

Kevin Lamarque | Reuters

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden warned campaign donors Thursday that President Donald Trump will "throw everything but the sink at me" for the remaining 19 days leading up to election day.

Biden told attendees that he expected the Trump campaign to target him with additional "lies and distortions".

Biden spoke the day after the New York Post published a series of articles claiming he had met with a Ukrainian energy manager at the behest of his son Hunter Biden, who was a board member of Burisma. The alleged meeting took place months before then-Vice President Biden put pressure on Ukrainian government officials to fire a prosecutor who is allegedly investigating the company.

Claims that the prosecutor conducted such an investigation at the time has been refuted.

Biden made no mention of the Post's report, but did refer to "misinformation" about him at Thursday's event.

"I know these are scary times," Biden told fundraiser participants.

"I appreciate everything you do for the campaign," he said. "We have 19 days left and you know he's going to throw everything but the sink at me."

But he added, "I think you have enabled me to act in real time so that we can keep up."

Biden and a leading Democratic fundraising site clearly outperformed a Republican site in the recent fiscal quarter, another sign of trouble for Trump, who is badly trailing Biden in national polls.

Biden has declined to speak to his son about Jäger's work for Burisma, and the Biden campaign said there is no such record of a meeting.

A copy of the computer hard drive that allegedly belongs to Hunter Biden and forms the basis of the Post's report was given to the newspaper by Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.

George Mesires, an attorney for Hunter Biden, said in a statement Thursday, "We have no idea where this is coming from and we certainly cannot credit what Rudy Giuliani provided to the NY Post, but I know for sure this is claimed. " Meeting never happened. "

Biden's presidential campaign on Wednesday said multiple investigations, including investigations by two Republican-led Senate committees, have found that Biden "pursued official US policy towards Ukraine and did not commit any wrongdoing".

"The New York Post never asked the Biden campaign about the critical elements of this story," he added. "You certainly never mentioned that Rudy Giuliani – whose discredited conspiracy theories and alliance with Russian intelligence officials have been widely reported – claimed to have such material," said Andrew Bates, a Biden spokesman.

But Republican incumbent Trump and his allies have repeatedly highlighted the Post's stories since Wednesday, slapping social media giants Facebook and Twitter for taking steps to restrict the circulation of the article content on their platforms.

Biden announced Wednesday that his campaign raised $ 383 million in donations in September, slightly more than his campaign's record high in August. Jen O & # 39; Malley Dillon, campaign manager at Biden, said the October campaign had more than $ 400 million available.

ActBlue, the Democratic fundraising website, announced Thursday that it processed $ 1.5 billion in donations from July through September.

ActBlue's record was more than double the more than $ 620 million in donations processed by WinRed, the Republican fundraising site, over the same period.

Trump's campaign didn't reveal any donation numbers for September.

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