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Begin a Aspect Hustle that teaches English as a International Language

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The world is flattening out at an incredible rate. In 2016, 58% of American small businesses have international customers, and the trend will only increase over time. As business continues to take place overseas, the workforce continues to diversify as people from all over the world come to America and offer companies unique, innovative opportunities. The demand for learning English is high, and whether you're looking for a way to improve your English education in your own workforce or looking for a side job, it's a great time to teach English as a Foreign Language.

In the Complete 2021 TEFL Certification Training Bundle, learn how to teach English as a Foreign Language and improve your mentoring and coaching skills. This 3-course, 126-hour package is led by Cudoo, a comprehensive and hands-on e-learning platform that offers more than 1,300 online courses across the spectrum of professional and self-development.

Get started with the TEFL certification course and make your way to becoming TEFL certified. You will get a background on the latest teaching methods, learn how to make grammar easy and fun in class, overcome the pronunciation challenges of a range of multilingual learners, and learn how to get your accredited certification at your own pace. The course is CPD-accredited and developed by experienced CELTA-certified and experienced lecturers and designed for international students.

From there, you will delve into specific skills for trainers and coaches. You will learn how to improve your mentoring and coaching skills by considering training preferences, managing stress, planning workshops, communicating effectively, coping with difficult situations, and much more. You will become a better teacher through Kirkpatrick assessment levels, learn how to work with other teachers, and more.

Learn to teach English as a Foreign Language. Currently, the full 2021 TEFL Certification Training Package is available for just $ 39.99.

Subject to price changes.

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