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At Starbucks, clients need to put on face covers as coronavirus circumstances improve

Starbucks shift supervisor, Adan Miranda, wears a face mask while serving a drink to a customer while standing behind a plexiglass sign in a cabin outside the shop in Sacramento, Calif., On Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Rich Pedroncelli | AP

Starbucks announced on Thursday that customers will be required to wear facial masks at all company locations from July 15th.

The announcement comes when retailers and restaurants try to protect their employees' health during the coronavirus pandemic without arousing customers who don't wear a mask, even if the state or local government requires it. Social media videos show customers who abuse or even become violent at cashiers, sellers and baristas, who ask them to wear a mask or leave the house.

Starbucks joins the growing list of companies that require customers to wear masks, including Costco and major airlines. On Monday, the Retail Industry Leaders Association urged the governors to intervene and require non-sick consumers to wear masks while shopping or in public places.

Starbucks said that customers who do not have a face mask in places without a local government mandate have other options for ordering their drinks. Drive-through orders, pick-up at the roadside via the app or submission of a delivery order are available to these customers.

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