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American Airways helps calls to increase federal assist within the billions to March

A member of a ground crew walks past American Airlines aircraft parked at the gate during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak at Washington's Ronald Reagan National Airport on April 5, 2020.

Joshua Roberts | Reuters

American Airlines top executives on Wednesday supported efforts to extend billions of dollars in federal aid to protect aviation jobs through March as the pandemic impact on travel threatens tens of thousands of jobs.

Approximately $ 32 billion in federal aid has been allocated to protect jobs in the U.S. aerospace industry, and employers have been prohibited from cutting jobs until September 30 as part of the CARES Act bailout package passed in March.

With this impending deadline and an increase in the number of coronaviruses in the US that are affecting an emerging recovery in travel demand, some lawmakers and unions are looking for additional help. Under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act, employers typically have to inform staff about possible layoffs or temporary vacation days 60 days in advance, which means that airlines will warn workers of possible vacation starting in the fall.

Earlier this week, the House's bipartisan legislatures, led by Rep. Peter DeFazio, D.-Ore., Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, wrote a letter to other Congress members calling for funding to be extended to March 2021 Unions called at the end of last month.

The Trump administration and drug manufacturers are working intensively on a Covid 19 vaccine and hope that it will be approved for distribution by the end of the year.

By March 2021, "there would certainly be more demand for air travel, and along with that demand, much less need for involuntary vacations across the industry," wrote Airline CEO Doug Parker and its president, Robert Isom, in a note Employees, warns employees of 25,000 possible vacations.

"This is a union initiative in our industry, but American supports any legislation that would protect our team's jobs in these extraordinary times," they said.

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