Alternative: Biden unveils a $ 775 billion plan for common preschool, prolonged baby and aged care

Joe Biden launched a $ 775 billion childcare and elderly care plan on Tuesday that includes universal pre-school and tax credits for low-income families. This is the latest in a series of political proposals that will lead to the democratic assembly next month.

In a speech in New Castle, Del., The alleged Democratic presidential candidate said if the Americans want to reward the job, "we need to reduce the financial burden on the care that families carry."

The former vice president calls for a universal preschool for three and four year olds; Offers low-income, middle-class families up to $ 8,000 in tax credits to pay for childcare; and suggests deleting the current waiting list for Medicaid home and community services.

According to Biden's campaign, the 10-year plan is being paid by "withdrawing unproductive and unequal tax breaks" and increasing "tax compliance for high-income" real estate investors who earn more than $ 400,000.

The speech was the third plank of what Biden calls his plan "Better to dismantle".

Biden has previously announced a $ 2 trillion clean energy plan and a $ 700 billion proposal aimed at increasing government purchases of American-made products.

Now look:Biden calls for $ 2 trillion in clean energy spending and no power plant emissions by 2035.

The plan comes as Biden leads President Donald Trump in national voter polls and in polls in battlefield states like Arizona and Pennsylvania ahead of the November election.

Biden, who criticized Trump for failing to tackle the COVID 19 pandemic, said the president could not explain how he would help working families.

"He left you. He left this country," Biden said of the president.

The Trump campaign said in a statement that Biden's plans will result in fewer jobs and higher taxes for middle-class families.

"Like the rest of the radical Democrats who co-opted his campaign, Biden only knows how to raise taxes, cut jobs, and pass regulations that strangle small businesses," the campaign said.

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