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About 59.three% of MSMEs in Latin America are administered by ladies

Costa Rica is the Latin American country that is most distinguished by women who, with 65.9 percent, lead the management and administration of an SME.

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8, 2021

2 min read

This article was translated using AI technologies from our Spanish edition. Errors can occur as a result of this process.

Year after year the celebration of International Women's Day becomes the perfect time to highlight the achievements of women in humanity. It is a date that not only fosters respect and admiration, but also highlights the visibility of women in different areas of society, as well as their contribution and importance.

For this reason,, an accounting solutions company for SMEs, analyzed the number of new businesses being formed within its platform and found that 59.3% of businesses formed in the region are run by female gender.

Costa Rica is the Latin American country where women lead the management and administration of an SME the most with 65.9%, followed by Colombia (62.1%) and Argentina (58.9%) show the importance of women who manage the Managing business administration.

Percentage of women participating in the financial management of an SME

Image: performed this analysis on a sample of 55,000 companies in Latin America.

"Women's participation was no longer an issue of the gender gap and began to question the role of women in the various MSME sectors." For her, "the numbers show that women lead over 50% of administrative management, an achievement that helps understand the female position in Latin American entrepreneurship," said Patricia RĂ­os, administrative director of, in a statement .

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