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A breakdown of all main social media platforms for enterprise homeowners

How any social media platform can play a big role in building your brand.

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24, 2020

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A QUOTED study shows that the average time spent in North America on social media is 2 hours and 6 minutes. Adults spend 2 hours and 55 minutes a day on their cell phones. It goes without saying that if you do not use social media platforms for your company, you will miss a great deal of leverage.

Use the power of social media

Below is a breakdown of the five main social media platforms and how they are used for your company.


This was originally an image sharing platform, but has almost become the best social media platform. The majority of users on Instagram are between 16 and 24 years old, and the attention span of users is extremely small. The first type of content you should post on Instagram is high quality photos from photo shoots, family photos, team photos, etc.

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The second type of content that you should post on Instagram is video content. There are many things to consider when filming, editing and planning an Instagram video. You need to make sure that the video starts with a tick that leads the viewer to continue watching after 3 seconds of playback. The video must be up to date with the formats of Instagram. Currently, the formats are: If the video is less than a minute long, the video format should ideally be 4: 5 format with a 1: 1 format thumbnail in the first frame of the video. This formatting makes the video look perfect on your Instagram profile and takes up the entire screen when users scroll through their main feed. If the video is longer than a minute, it can be posted on IGTV, which has many different formatting problems. Ideally, this content should be in 9:16 format with the first 20 seconds of the video in a 4: 5 frame and finally with a thumbnail in 1: 1 format. This makes the video look perfect on your Instagram profile, main feed and IGTV channel.

It is understandable that these are a lot of things that need to be considered when editing a proper Instagram post. That's why people hire comprehensive social media agencies like @vaynermedia to help. But it is something everyone can do if they are willing to invest a little time and attention.

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Tick ​​tack

This platform has become an absolute beast in recent years, and content issuance by content creators has increased exponentially. The first way to attract viewers and followers to this platform is to publish consistent content along with the TikTok trends, which can be found on the Tik Tok trend page. Well, most people think that this content includes childlike things that devalue their brand, but quite simply those that are unwilling to think outside the box for their content. Private and business brands should find unique ways to create value in their industry that is consistent with the Tik Tok trend and to give real value to world events, money and prosperity in a TikTok friendly format.


LinkedIn was originally just a place for an online resume, but has developed into a platform that is so big and similar to Facebook. LinkedIn is an important place where every business professional should have a profile and publish as much content as possible! The type of content to be published consists of written content and video content with short lessons, updates to your job / job, advice from mentors, knowledge of how to improve your life and anything that connects you and your company.

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This platform has developed into the largest social media platform since the beginning of 2005. Now owned by Google, it will most likely be the longest. It is the platform that television has completely taken over. And with Google behind it, video becomes the most powerful search engine result. For this reason, the most important aspect of YouTube videos is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There is so much content published on YouTube every day that it is much more than high-quality content that gets you views and subscribers. In fact, it has become common for the content published on YouTube to always be of the highest quality. The important thing about creating a YouTube video is to reverse engineer your content from filming to publishing. You should have every video with the YouTube title in mind. The YouTube title should be very strategic and target search-friendly titles that generate a lot of search traffic in the long run. The title of the video should address major issues in your industry that people are constantly looking for. When you create the video, someone always has to edit your videos to ensure the highest possible quality, with simple things like a brand intro and outro. Like other social media platforms, the video must have a catch. The tick for YouTube videos consists of the thumbnail, the first 15 seconds of your video and your title. These three components of the hook alone determine the performance of your YouTube video.


Twitter is like a huge unfiltered news source. Many very political influencers are heavily represented on Twitter as this is an easy way to post updates and express their thoughts on situations with a simple tweet. Analyzing a company that does unique Twitter marketing to do business is @wendys. In every tweet and every answer they are very cheeky, funny and uncomplicated, exactly what the Twitter audience is looking for.

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