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9 methods to help small companies with out breaking the financial institution

We all have our favorite little stores, including our current nighttime restaurant and our favorite second hand store. These places offer more than just great food and looks – they create community jobs, bring children to school, and are your neighbor's dream come true.

Built on hard work and love, these stores have some of the best quality products you can find. Small businesses are a good sign of a thriving economy, but they're also the first to suffer from economic downturns like the 2020 COVID-19 recession. Because of this, it's more important than ever to find ways to support your community's businesses.

There are many reasons why small business success is vital. Not only for the economy, but also for our communities. For this reason, the Small Business Saturday (November 28th) is one of our favorite times of the year. That's why we've rounded up these ways to help you support small businesses without breaking the bank (or leaving your house!).

Small business shopping

Small purchases are the easiest way to support community businesses and clear your vacation list. shop Your wallet does not have to be emptied on site either.

1. Skip the Hallmark Card and support a local artist

Cards are a classic gift for any celebration. They are small, affordable, and easy to personalize. This year, skip the grocery store and see what artists you can support while still receiving beautiful and unique gifts for your family and friends.

Most cities have galleries, boutiques, and even tourist shops with locally printed and designed maps to choose from. If you don't have a store near you, Etsy can search thousands of developers to find the perfect design for each of your loved ones.

2. Send gift cards

Gift cards are perfect for acquaintances, long distance calls and little ones Acts of kindness occasionally. Instead of collecting Amazon and Starbucks cards, see what your local spots have to offer.

Most restaurants and stores offer a gift card, and you don't have to waste the plastic! Email your gift to anyone, anywhere. So thank your first mentor for his shining reference with a gift card for his favorite café.

3. Shop all year round

It's true that handcrafted products can get expensive, but you ultimately pay for quality. If you're already pinching pennies for the holiday season, think about the next year. buy gifts For loved ones like you find them all year round, this is the best way to collect beautiful gifts without using them recognition. Plus, small businesses can take advantage of the boost all year round.

Show support from home

Mockup shows someone filling in an Instagram story template with favorite stores.

Instagram story template download button.

Most of us have a budget that prevents us from buying a new closet every month and eating out every day of the week. It is therefore not possible to always shop with all of our favorite local craftsmen. It doesn't mean you don't love her, you just have to get creative to show your support from home.

4. Share your favorite products

Whenever you buy something new, take a picture! Sharing your favorite finds online and tagging the deal is a great way to promote their products and quality to your friends and family. Even if you don't buy, sharing a wish list or their latest product can get you another sale or new followers.

"I think people forget that their voice has an impact, whether they are a big celebrity or a humble home mom. It's amazing what a small business contribution can do. "- autumn scholarship, The kind of poppy

5. Write a review

You should let the world know when you find a store that you love. From Google and Yelp to a company’s Facebook page, leave a review so others know they are in good hands. Positive reviews are some of the best tools businesses can use to convert sales.

"These (local) types of businesses live and die orally. Your reviews are everything to you. Now that anyone can get the average rating of a business or service, it's important for businesses to collect positive, honest reviews. "- Dan Bailey, WikiLawn Lawn Care

When you leave reviews, detailed thoughts and photos are best. These give the consumer a lot of information and help your rating to appear authentic. In addition, reviews can help platforms like Etsy and Google recognize that the company is valued.

6. Refer a friend

Tell your friends when you find a new store or service and share the love. You are trusted by your friends and are likely to have many interests in common. Hence, this word of mouth is a great way for businesses to get customers.

"A referral is the best compliment to a business owner. Trust me. "- Brian Robben, Robben Media

If you have friends and family from out of town, you may also want to keep an eye on your favorite stores when they visit. Keep a list of local restaurants, cafes, services, and shops that you won't find anywhere else and take your friends on a local tour.

Keep in touch

Companies have more ways than ever to keep you up to date. So make sure you have a subscription to keep in touch! Newsletters and social media are a great way to keep track of your local favorites and their promotional offers.

Mockup shows someone filling out their wish list on Instagram.

Download button for vacation wish list Instagram template.

7. Sign up for the newsletter

Most companies send regular emails to let you and other customers know about their deal details and offers. Newsletters can help you find coupons, sales, and new items that you will love. However, just a subscription is not enough. Make sure you actually read the messages and whitelist the email so you don't miss a thing.

8. Follow and interact with their social channels

Social media is another easy way to keep up to date. It can also promote a business organically. When you follow a company, platforms learn more about who else might be interested in their offerings. Stay active and like and also comment on their posts to increase their visibility and trust with other buyers.

9. Swing past the store

Ultimately, the best way to support a company is to stop by and visit. You never know when something will be noticed, and it's a great way to share your find with friends. You may also have the opportunity to speak to the owner and learn more about the company while sharing your support.

"Write them a message of encouragement. Tell them why you love them and what they mean to you and the community. – Meaghan Tomas, Pinch of spice market

Regardless of the product or service, small business owners will love to hear that they love their shop and can benefit from your support. Tag a friend, buy a gift card, or write a review to help your favorite stores without harming yours budget.

Small business support infographic.

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