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80 of probably the most versatile jobs which might be additionally nicely paid

Although a 9-to-five job on a fixed schedule usually allows for better predictability and stability, many prefer flexible work options that allow for a better work-life balance. Fortunately, with the advent of team communication software like Zoom, the workplace is rapidly changing and adapting. Today, many high paying jobs allow the flexibility to work remotely, part time, and even the option of a freelance work. Jump to the infographic for a quick visualization of the most flexible jobs available.

Note: All reported information on the average hourly rate and median salary is from the 2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Which jobs have the most free time?

If you're looking to get into a job where you can take your time, consider these flexible positions:

University professor

With long summer vacations, access to campus facilities, and generous salaries, it's without a doubt a great career choice for those interested in teaching.

Average salary: $ 80,790
Training requirements: Master or PhD

Language pathologist

Since most speech pathologists have the opportunity to work in schools, they can enjoy the summer vacation as much as professors and teachers. This allows them to work about 300 hours less per year than the average US worker.

Average salary: $ 83,240
Training requirements: master's degree


According to the BLS, many dentists work less than 40 hours a week and earn an average of $ 164,010 per year. For those interested in healthcare, dentistry is a lucrative professional field.

Average salary: $ 164,010
Training requirements: Doctorate or professional qualification

Highly paid jobs with flexible working hours

Flexible jobs allow you to balance your priorities less stressfully and maintain a better work-life balance. Check out these 80 most flexible jobs that are not only well paid but also fit your lifestyle.

1. Data scientist

Data scientists are in increasing demand these days due to the amount of data collected by large companies around the world. To properly manage and analyze big data, most companies hire data scientists to offer their expertise.

Typically, a career in data science is flexible as most work can be done remotely. In addition to working in a large corporation, data scientists also have the opportunity to work part-time or as a freelancer. They are usually generously rewarded because of their deep understanding of machine learning, statistical modeling, and other professional skills.

Average hourly rate: $ 49.97
Training requirements: master's degree

2. Photographer

Photographers can demonstrate their talent and skills in various industries. For example fashion, sports, concerts, advertising, industry, weddings, food and travel. Depending on your interests and skills, you can venture into many different niches as a freelance photographer. If you have always been interested in taking photos, then you should give it a professional try.

Average hourly rate: $ 19.85
Training requirements: Abitur or equal

3. Dietitian

Dietitians and nutritionists are experts in food and nutrition. Your job is to advise clients how and what to eat in order to achieve a specific health or body goal. For example, weight loss or treating conditions like high cholesterol. As the general society becomes more health conscious, there is only more demand for dietitians and nutritionists. Dietitians can work in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and private practices, but they can also work remotely by assisting patients' needs via phone or video calls.

Average hourly rate: $ 30.33
Training requirements: Bachelor degree

4. Graphic designer

If you are a creative who is passionate about a wide variety of art and design projects, graphic design could be a flexible and suitable career path for you. The graphic design profession usually revolves around developing product concepts, arranging visual aids, and visualizing and creating graphics. As a graphic designer, you have the opportunity to work internally in a company or, as a freelancer, to find your own customers on websites such as Upwork or Fiverr. By working independently, you have the flexibility to plan and bill clients on your own terms.

Average hourly rate: $ 25.66
Training requirements: Bachelor degree

5. Virtual assistant

As the name suggests, a virtual assistant is a person who provides virtual management services to businesses from a remote location. As ecommerce businesses rise, virtual assistants are needed to help these businesses expand and grow sustainably. Typically, the job of a virtual assistant can range from phone calls to managing email accounts to handling customer service.

Average hourly rate: $ 19.71
Training requirements: Abitur or equal

6. Plumber

Plumbing is a profession that you earn while you study. As you prepare to obtain your plumber's license, you can work under the supervision of a licensed plumber for experience and expertise. The benefits of becoming a licensed plumber include job flexibility, stability, and earning potential. No matter where you are in the world, installers are always needed. As you gain experience, you even have the option to become your own boss and set your own schedule.

Average hourly rate: $ 27.08
Training requirements: Abitur or equal

7. Blogger

Blogging can be an extremely lucrative career depending on the size of your blog and your niche. With a loyal blog audience, bloggers can make money from displaying ads, affiliate marketing, selling courses, and promoting online products. If content creation is your passion and expertise, create a blog today and start making money.

Average hourly rate: Varies
Training requirements: None

8. Electrician

An electrician is a specialist who specializes in the installation, planning and maintenance of electrical systems in various types of buildings. Most electricians start their careers by attending vocational training or vocational school. Once their skills are established, many electricians choose to go self-employed in order to have better autonomy in relation to the work schedule. According to BLS, electricians will bring in an average of $ 56,900 per year as of 2020.

Average hourly rate: $ 27.36
Training requirements: Abitur or equal

9. Massage therapist

If the regular 9-to-five career doesn't fit your ideal lifestyle, consider a career in massage therapy. As a massage therapist, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings including hotels, resorts, healthcare facilities, at clients' homes, or even on cruise ships. A career in massage therapy can be done part-time or full-time, which is great for people who value flexibility. In addition, no college degree is required to become a massage therapist, which can save you a significant amount of tuition fees.

Average hourly rate: $ 20.97
Training requirements: Post-secondary award without a degree


10. Interior designer

Thanks to technologies such as zoom and design software, interior designers can now work from the comfort of their own homes while communicating with customers. The certifications required to become an interior designer can vary from state to state, but in general, designers must pass the National Council for Interior Design's qualification exam.

Average hourly rate: $ 27.43
Training requirements: Bachelor degree

11. Software consultants

Software consultants usually have extensive experience in software engineering or software development. To keep up with the latest technology and software trends, many companies are hiring software consultants who bring their expertise in this area to the table. Plus, with a great resume and portfolio, you can acquire clients online and generate a lucrative income.

Average hourly rate: $ 45.06
Training requirements: Bachelor degree

12. Personal trainer

If you're passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, training to become a personal trainer can be a flexible and rewarding career option. Some personal trainer certifications can only last three to four months. Once you are certified, you can start attracting customers and carving out a niche for yourself. Successful personal trainers often use social media to promote themselves and attract prominent clients. Once you have established yourself in the industry, you can charge high hourly rates for your services.

Average hourly rate: $ 19.48
Training requirements: Abitur or equal

13. Web designer

Today one of the most effective ways to prove a business's credibility is to build a strong online presence and have a well-designed website. According to the BLS, the employment of web designers and web developers is expected to increase 8 percent from 2019 to 2029, which is relatively faster than other professions and industries. If website building is your passion, make it your career and even start your own web design company.

Average hourly rate: $ 37.12
Training requirements: Associate Degree

14. Speech pathologist

A speech pathologist is a healthcare professional who specializes in providing vocal rehabilitation and treatment for people with speech or language difficulties. Speech pathologists can work in a variety of settings, including schools, clinics, and private practices. Although most choose to work full-time, part-time work is also an option. Due to the required level of training, speech pathologists are paid lucrative salaries averaging USD 83,240 per year (BLS).

Average hourly rate: $ 38.69
Training requirements: master's degree

speech therapist child exercise

15. Commercial Agents

Sales reps are responsible for promoting a company's products and services by identifying leads and educating prospects. Today, many companies allow their sales reps to create their own schedules and even work from home. If you are passionate about sales and prefer a contract-based salary, consider being a sales rep for a flexible career and unlimited income potential.

Average hourly rate: $ 26.41
Training requirements: Abitur or equal

16. Genetic Advisor

Genetic counselors are health professionals who work with individuals or families to help them understand how their family history and DNA could affect their health. For example, to identify the risks of hereditary diseases or conditions. Genetic counselors can choose to work part-time, full-time, or freelance. As of 2020, the average salary for genetic counselors is around $ 89,000, with the top 10 percent making over $ 120,000 a year.

Average hourly rate: $ 43.13
Training requirements: master's degree

17. Software developer

The use of software is required in almost every industry. In order for a company to stand out from the competition and offer better products and services, hiring professional software developers is crucial. The main job of a software developer is to develop software and provide solutions that are tailored to the needs of the users. To become a software developer, you need a thorough understanding of programming languages ​​and engineering principles.

Average hourly rate: $ 52.95
Training requirements: Bachelor degree

18. Social media manager

Because of the popularity and influential power of social media, almost every business needs a social media manager to manage and grow their online presence. The responsibilities of social media managers can include running social media campaigns, analyzing key metrics to improve performance, and creating engaging content to promote the business. In addition to working with the marketing team in a company, social media managers can also work as freelancers or set up their own agency.

Average hourly rate: $ 68.03
Training requirements: Bachelor degree

19. Online teachers

Becoming an online tutor is a great career option for anyone who has expertise in a specific subject and enjoys teaching. Nowadays there are many websites like Chegg or eTutorWorld where tutors can offer their services to their students worldwide. The hourly rates may vary depending on the topic and previous knowledge. However, online tutoring can allow you to work as much or as little as you want, which is a great career option for those who prefer flexibility over a fixed schedule.

Average hourly rate: $ 24.23
Training requirements: Bachelor degree

20. Dog walker

Dogwalking doesn't seem like the most lucrative career, but if you manage to attract a significant number of clients, you can make a profit that equals or exceeds the average full-time salary. Apps like Barkly Pets or PetBacker allow you to conveniently search for dog walking opportunities online and slowly build your reputation in the industry. As you grow your loyal customer base, you can even start your own dog walking business and make a long-term career out of it.

Average hourly rate: $ 12.86
Training requirements: Abitur or equal

60 more high paying flexible job options

Many career opportunities allow you to earn a high income while having flexible hours. Here are some of the most flexible jobs in different fields for you to explore.


Jobs in business and communication

Real estate agent
Financial analyst
Social media manager
Content strategist
Communications specialist
Project manager
Quantitative market researcher
Customer Service Coordinator
Business consultant
Business process analyst
account Manager
Supply chain coordinator
Operations manager
Business author
Executive Assistant

Technical jobs

User interface developer
Game designer
UX designer
Java developer
Technical product manager
Corporate architect
Machine learning engineer
Computer systems analyst
Technical support engineer
Back-end developer
Solution engineer
Scientist in computer science
Database administrator
Mobile application developer
Cloud architect
Cybersecurity analyst
Internet of Things Designer of
Full stack developer
Business intelligence analyst
Quality assurance analyst

Creative jobs

Tattoo artist
Artistic Director
fashion designer
Video editor
Makeup artist
Music composer
hair stylist
Fashion journalist
Writing coach
Multimedia artist
3D artist
Visual strategist
Photo editor
Motion graphics designer
Sound engineer
Voice actor
Professional dancer

Hopefully this list of high paying job options has inspired you to explore a more flexible career path. Even if you don't have any experience or expertise in these areas, it's never too late to educate yourself through courses and learning new skills. Set a budget each month to invest in yourself and become a qualified candidate for a variety of career opportunities.

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<p><strong>Swell:</strong> Labor Statistics Office | Forbes | CNBC | Deloitte | Glass door |</p>
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